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Why was the iPhone 12 not launched at September 15 Apple event? Details here



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Ever since the popular smartphone giant “Apple” announced it’s next-generation smartphone iPhone 12, it got many fans and phone lover’s interest piqued. And has been trending on one of the most searched keywords for a while. Apple fans are restless on when the company will give any information regarding the release date of the new iPhone. Luckily on Tuesday, September 15, Apple hosted an event that showcases all of apple’s new innovative technology. Apple showcased practically all of the upcoming tech and products, except the much-awaited iPhone 12.

This caused some discontent among the fans who have been waiting excitingly for the announcement of the iPhone 12. Does Apple plan on launching the latest iPhone 12 this year? or will it face many delays? Read on more to know more about the decision why Apple hasn’t confirmed anything about the new flagship phone.

Is pandemic the reason why iPhone 12 is delayed?

If we go by the pattern of when Apple releases its new iPhone models! It falls under the second week of September, and Apple fans know this and they apply for preorder, as it always ends up in the sale at the end of September and the first week of October. This time many had great expectations from Apple and their most anticipated iPhone 12. Seeing it as it didn’t happen this year most likely indicates the possible delay of the smartphone. In addition to the pandemic which is severely hampering the launch of the iPhone 12.

iPhone 12

With the sudden emergence of the outbreak in China, productions were forced to shut down and impose strict lockdowns. Bringing the industry to its knees and Apple was on the receiving end of that outcome. Generally, in February, March period the phone has to go several engineering validation testing (EVT) tests. As well as undergoing a production stage. This is specifically the key phase that faced not precedent changes and not coping up with the supply chain as well as coordinating production simply led to the delay from Apple’s end.

When’s the expected date of launch of the Apple iPhone 12?

Our best guess is that Apple might host another separate event just for iPhone 12, that is if everything goes well. The latest version of Apple’s software “iOS 14” has been rolled out for Apple smartphones. So you can get the basic idea of what to expect from the new iPhone 12.


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