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What Do ‘Group Economics’ Mean to Miami Heat’s Andre Iguodala?



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A few of the more popular “approved” phrases include: “Black Lives Matter”, “Say Their Names” and “Power to the People” but a Miami Heat player chose a less popular phrase that confused some fans a little.

For the 2020 NBA season which took place in Orlando, Fla.’s bullpen, most players have chosen racist justice phrases to wear their jersey backs. A few of the more popular “approved” phrases include: “Black Lives Matter,” “Say Their Names”, “Power to the People” and “Enough is enough” but one Miami Heat player chose a less popular phrase that has confused some fans slightly.

What does “group economics” mean? It makes complete sense in context.

Although the phrase ‘group economics’ may sound like a reference that only financial advisers would understand, it actually has an important meaning in the world of racial justice. The term Creative Group Economics is defined as “one group of people who share a common economic interest. That group agrees to pursue this economic interest together active and consciously to create a sustainable and secure economy for themselves ”

According to Clutch Points Group Economics refers to the importance of supporting Black owned businesses which is commonly practiced in the black community to support the black population as a whole. Andre Iguodala says the phrase is particularly meaningless to him because he believes that constructing wealth within the Black community will help in the realm of education, employment and housing.

In an interview with USA Today, Andre says that we are still trying to be the equal foundation of our next generation. Right now, we are part of the progress, but we have to keep thinking bigger with a lot of our decisions than ourselves. We are in a position where we can gain some prosperity as professional athletes. At the same time, however, the majority of our people remain trapped in an oppressive state. So we have to pull them together with us.”

Andre isn’t the only NBA player to have decided to get into the less common dash-cheese phrase.

Although “group economics” happens to be one of the less popular “approved phrases” for the 2020 NBA jerseys – with “Black Lives Matter” and “Equality” the top two most common choices – Andre isn’t the only one who ended up going with it. Memphis Grizzlies forward Anthony Tolliver also used the less popular phrase, according to GQ.

Although both Andre and Anthony originally thought that the phrase was a joke, they both ended up doing a little research about it and developing a genuine appreciation for it. As reported, Sacramento Kings forward Jabari Parker also claimed the phrase for his jersey after learning the meaning behind it. Needless to say, ‘group economics’ is incredibly important in the Black community and fits perfectly into the list of accepted phrases.

This may not be the group economics as simply as the other approved Jersey phrases, but certainly it has an important meaning behind it. That being said, we really love the selection for the 2020 NBA Jerseys as a whole.

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