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Fat Bear Week is the largest tradition of October Month and 2020 will be six years in succession.

There is at least one 2020 vote we can all easily endorse.

Again it is that time of year. It is the Fat Bear Week!

The first day of the celebrations of the early autumn has come to an end. Fat Bear Week is the largest tradition of the month of October and 2020 will be sixth year in succession.

Brown bears have been increasing in the Katmai National Park all summer long. The bears are on a vital mission to become as fat as possible during warm weather. Over the course of their winter hibernation the bears lose a third of their body weight — so feeding on food is a necessity now. Bears need to eat a year’s worth of food within just six months.

Bear massing is not only a survival skill. It is a real treat to observe and marvel at human life.

Just look at some of the contenders of this year – specifically the before and after photos. The current state of the bears is more than the one compared to what they looked in June or July.

Here is a shot of Walker, or 151, then and now

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