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Trump’s excited boys standing — by — debate moment is Snowballing



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Former Trump adviser and governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie said to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that he had “heard it differently” and added that “I did not read it this way, George, but listen – if you want to read it that way, that’s your right.”

Exactly that, Trump did about three years later in an exclusive address to the nation during the first presidential debate in 2020. He did not only appear to be responsible for giving direct orders to a violent right-wing street gang, but also used the left wing for almost everything, resisting moderator Chris Wallace’s request to condemn “white supremacist and militia groups.” The president asked Wallace to name a specific group, so Biden suggested the Proud Boys. “Respecting male confident boys? Mark “Stand back and stand by” said Trump. After apparently putting the proud boys on standby, the president demanded that someone do something about antifa and the left because this is not a right problem, this is a left-wing one.

Just as the white nationalists in Trump’s apparent blessing waited post-Charlottesville, the proud boys enthusiastically respond to a name drop from the most powerful man on earth. The group posted a web version of the Proud Boys logo, with words like “stand back” and “stand by” written around it. The Proud Boys page also shared a video of one of its members staring at the television in celebration after watching the debate – segments. One promoter of the proud boys claimed after Fox News’s BuzzFeed News “” that he was going “” for the first time after Trump basically said to fuck them up. Some Proud Boys telegram channels have gained hundreds of new followers.

The president was trying to counterattack Wednesday afternoon. He said reporters “I don’t know who are the proud guys.” While he has made plenty of vehemently racist comments over the years, including mentioning the N-word and screaming “Sieg heil!” while throwing a Nazi salute on air, he appears to be focused on convincing Trump supporters to engage in politically motivated violence. The fight solves everything. We need more violence from Trump, says he once. Protest supporters: choke a Motherfucker, choke a Bitch, choke a Ternanny, get your fingers around the windpipe.

In a reversion of the all-too-famous spin game following the Charlottesville scandal, his Republican allies are doubling down on cleanup duties. Some claim the President did not take seriously what he literally said, including first son Donald Trump Jr., who appeared on CBS News shortly after the contest to assert that his father simply told the group “to sit down,” but is “more than happy” to condemn it, even when he was not being asked to do so. On Wednesday morning, Senator Tim Scott, a South Carolina Republican, reportedly said in response to Chris Wallace’s comment : He should have said something ” I think he misspoke. I think he should rectify it. If he doesn’t correct it, I guess he did not misspeak.” Chris Christie, former Trump adviser and Governor of New Jersey, said to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that he had “heard it differently”, and added that “I didn’t read it that way, George, but listen, if you want to read it that way, that’s your right.”

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