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Top 6 Most Romantic Desitnations Worldwide For Couples in Love



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Traveling the world is an extraordinary opportunity. No matter where you go, you have the chance to experience so many different cultures & meet so many extraordinary people. While traveling alone can be very enlightening, traveling with a partner can be truly enchanting. Whether you’re looking for a fun getaway or taking time away for your honeymoon, we’ve put together a list of the most romantic destinations around the world that all couples need to visit. If you’re looking to show your partner how much you truly care, these 6 locations are an absolute must! 

Santorini, Greece

Filled with beautiful sunsets, clear waters, & most of all, relaxation, Santorini is known as one of the top honeymoon & wedding destinations around the world. 

Full of luxury hotels, endless romantic beaches, & everlasting dramatic views, it’s no wonder this location is perfect for lovers. If you’re looking for a landscape unlike any other, cozy up on the famous red sand beach & spend some time with your partner in the silky blue waters. If you truly want to experience the scenery of the land, hiking up Oia is ideal. Here you can have some alone time with your lover & watch the most mesmerizing sunset! In addition, if you have a love for culture, the city of Pyrgos is for you. With gorgeous, winding labyrinth-like corridors, & secret passages the locals may hint at, this city is the perfect adventure for any couple in love.

To learn more about places to visit in Greece, be sure to check out our article 10 of the Most Popular & Most-preferred Vacation Spots in Europe.

Paris, France

Next on the list is Paris. Paris is by far the most romantic place to travel with your beloved. With symbols of romance all around, it’s no question as to why it’s known as, “The City of Love.” 

When in Paris, be sure to catch the sunset cruise along the Seine with your sweetheart. Make sure you don’t miss your chance to steal a kiss while under the Pont Marie Bridge! Legend has it that if you kiss & wish for eternal love while under the bridge, your wish will be granted. If that isn’t romantic enough, a visit to the famous Eiffel Tower is sure to spark some tenderness between you two. This beautiful site is considered the ultimate symbol of love throughout all of Paris. Talk about dreamy! 

No matter what you do, you definitely won’t be bored while venturing through the most romantic place in the world. If you’re curious about other things to do while in Paris, check out our article 20 most Exotic & Highly Enjoyable Places in the World for additional info!

Venice, Italy

The next place on our list of romantic destinations is Venice, Italy. Home to captivating historical sites, charming little cafes, & delicious Italian food, it’s no wonder this charming city is so famous. 

 When in Venice, get cozy on a romantic gondola ride down the famous canals of Italy. Be sure to stop by Rialto Bridge for the most mesmerizing view of the city on the way. If you’re looking for some alone time, take a dreamy stroll through the gorgeous streets of Venice at night to truly set the mood. You might even consider trying out authentic Italian wine on the way for the ultimate European experience. 

Whatever you choose to do, Venice, Italy, is truly one of the best places to fall in love & experience all the feelings of romance (& don’t forget to eat some pasta for us!).

Bali, Indonesia

Now, if you’re looking for an exotic getaway unlike any other, Bali is the place to be! Whether it’s a beautiful candlelight dinner in Seminyak or the mesmerizing Tegenungan waterfall, there’s nowhere as full of lust as Bali. 

Nothing says romantic getaway like a couples massage! For the ultimate Bali experience, start your trip off with a relaxing day at the spa for a sensual & intimate couples massage to spark some passion. But if you want to experience the true culture of the island, you have to be adventurous. An excellent place to start is at the Uluwatu Temple to get a taste of authentic Indonesian culture. The architecture in itself is enough to kindle feelings of love, so don’t skip out! On top of that, you’ll want to wake up early one of the days to experience a mesmerizing mountain top sunrise unlike you’ve ever seen! You may even spot a monkey or two while hiking up! 

 Whatever you choose to do, Bali is full of unique romantic adventures waiting to be explored for you & your lover. 

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora is another popular destination amongst honeymoons. With palm tree-filled beaches, crystal clear waters, & gorgeous mountain peaks, Bora Bora is anything but boring. 

While visiting, don’t miss your chance to stay in one of the overwater Bungalows. These bungalows sit above the calming waves & offer the ultimate islander experience unlike any other. From here, you can take a breathtaking lagoon tour with your love for an intimate adventure below the waters. In addition, you can catch one of Bora Bora’s famous stargazing cruise from your bungalow. Here you can wine, dine, & cuddle up with your beloved in a romantic night under the stars. Honestly, what could be more perfect than that? 

If you’re curious about what other adventures await you in mythical Bora Bora, be sure to check out the article Honeymoon in Bora Bora: 18 Activities to Experience for more romantic ideas!

Koh Sumai, Thailand

And lastly, consider a romantic getaway in exotic & breathtaking Koh Sumai. 

On this magical island, let sparks fly with your partner with an unforgettable beach dinner at the Amari Koh Sumai. Everything about this location dances with romance, & is bound to make your partner feel special. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something unusual & adventurous to do, cruise the Jungle Jeep Safari tour to see the gorgeous landscapes of Thailand. Here you’ll find breathtaking jungle scenery as well as an ancient temple hidden beyond the vines. If you venture close, you may even see a real mummified monk! Talk about bizarre! But if you’re not necessarily one for ancient tombs, you can also hike to a one-of-a-kind panoramic coastal view at Lad Koh viewpoint. Bring a blanket & some food & set up for a gorgeous picnic with the most profound view imaginable. If you’re feeling wild, spend some time stargazing up here on a clear night for a truly unforgettable experience. 

From sacred temples to gorgeous beaches & crystal clear waters, you don’t want to miss a vacation like this! You can also check out the article 24 Exotic Places To Visit In Thailand For Honeymoon In 2020 for even more ideas for the ultimate vacation!





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