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# Tickets here to avoid the closure of local businesses



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If something gives cities and towns identity and personality, it is the locals .

This is how we have always called the small family businesses that, from generation to generation, offer the inhabitants of each neighborhood and tourists, part of the essence, of the history of each place.

Confinement and paralysis of the economy during these months have cracked the coffers of many of these premises.

Those who see their permanence in danger due to the decrease in consumption and the fear of a new outbreak of the virus that will lead us to another confinement.

Beyond the future, the present of the premises is complicated and threatening.

With the help of Iñaki Gabilondo, the creative agency Dimensión has created the # Billetesdeaquí campaign to promote local businesses and help them survive in this difficult period.

“Local businesses are the blood and oxygen that nourish cities,” says Gabilondo in the audio of the campaign video.

A video that shows iconic images of a Spain in black and white that suffered other crises, other complicated stadiums where shopkeepers and local merchants survived and supplied their neighbors.

This campaign consists of showing a ticket, writing the town in which the person resides and posting it on their networks with the hashtag # Billetesdeaquí , and the name of the establishment where the money will be spent .

The banknotes will continue in circulation, reaching the hands of others, possibly ignorant of the trade written on the banknote.

However, they will awaken the collective conscience that we must not forget the little ones , also in the world of commerce.

They are the bastions of our identity, the ones who continue to look us in the eye and serve us breakfast the way we like it with hardly any explanations other than a Good morning!

It is the life of the neighborhood, of a large family that takes care of itself in the best and worst moments.

Despite being increasingly in a global village, it is necessary to take care of that which reminds us of how we were, where we came from and what we are.

Achieving the perfect balance between modernity and the preservation of our essence is not too easy, but it must be our endeavor and our work.

Already some colleagues like Mercedes Milá, Gonzo or Xabier Euzkitze have put their local tickets in motion.

In this way, they collaborate in the chain of customized tickets to give visibility to our local merchants.

The coronavirus crisis predicts that, if there is no remedy, 20% of our stores could close.

That is why it is so important to consume on them and avoid irretrievable bankruptcy.

A campaign, # Billetesdeaquí , that aims to activate the circular economy and take care of the health of our closest environment.

Strolling through the neighborhood and knowing that each small business needs us to regain our habits of small purchases so diminished with the appearance of online and department stores.

Join the chain, from your town, your city, your neighborhood, choose your business and put your #local ticket into circulation.

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