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The United States Constitution Explained for Kids with Books – The Children’s Book Review



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Ages 10+ | Publisher: Workman Publishing Company | ISBN-13: 978-1523510443 Written by Patricia Brennan Demuth Tim Foley Illustration Synopsis of the Publisher: We at Who HQ bring the entire story to the reader about the arguments and everything about how the United States Constitution came into being.

The children’s book review by Simon & Schuster.

Are you searching for a way to empower the kids in your life to take action and stand up for what they believe in? Understanding the Constitution of the United States—and the amendments—will give them fuel for involvement and making a difference. The following books provide digestible information on basic laws, government principles and the philosophy that is the basis upon which government was founded in the United States of America. Here and now, learning how to preserve freedoms and provide equality for all starts

The United States Constitution is explored and explained

Aura Lewis writing and illustrated.

Written by Evan Sargent

Publisher Synopsis: See the US Constitution in a new light with this bold, modern and accessible illustrated guide to the document that defined democracy.

There has never been a better time to delve deeper into the Constitution, the bedrock of American politics, with the 2020 Presidential election coming up. Inquisitive minds will get their questions brightly answered – and new ones raised – by a mixture of striking illustrations and clear, engaging text, including passages from the Constitution in plain English.

As well as a detailed history of the original constitution, the Bill of Rights and all amendments, learn how this important event in American democracy shape and is shaped by the world at large. We The People shows that the United States Constitution is far from a rudimentary old piece of paper. It is a living, evolving guide that is as relevant today as it has ever been.

  • A new take on a monumental document navigating in style its history and its existence today.

We The People takes the Constitution out of its exhibition case, dusts it off and re-imagines it for the next generation.

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Ages 10 + | Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions | ISBN-13: 978-0711254046

The Constitution Decoded – a guide to the document that defines our nation

Katie Kennedy wrote it by Katie Kennedy

Illustrated by Ben Kirchner.

Contributor: Kermit Roosevelt

Publisher’s Summary: Be an active citizen Know your constitution

Ever wondered why the president has a cabinet? Why there is so much trial by jury? Why you may eventually have to pay income tax, or why there are no Dukes, Duchesses, Counts or Countesses in the United States? Because the Constitution says so and so much more And now in The Constitution Decoded, the ideas, concepts and rules that America forms are framed and explained in detail to help us all become more informed citizens, children and parents as well.

Written with impeccable clarity and illustrated in a style that bring America’s early days to life, this fascinating guide literally goes word for word, sentence by sentence and idea by idea to give the reader a true understanding not only of how the Framers imagined the United States, but also of why they made the choices that they did. Here is why, for example, the United States has three government branches—legislative, executive and judicial. It explains how bills are law, why we have the right to freedom of speech, how we can change the Constitution as our country evolves and so much more.

Written with historical context and figures, vocabulary, anecdotes and trivia, this book is an accessible yet richly layered book that belongs in every family library.

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Ages 10 + | Publisher: Workman Publishing Company | ISBN-13: 978-1523510443

Writed by Patricia Brennan Demuth

Tim Foley Illustration

Synopsis of Publisher: We the people at Who HQ bring the full story to the reader about the arguments and everything about how the United States Constitution came into being.

On 17 September 1787 – four years after the American War of Independence –the Constitution laid out the supreme law of the United States of America. It is easy today for us to take this blueprint of our government as an asset. But the framers– a group of fifty-five men from almost all the original 13 states– for many months argued fervently over what ended up being just a four-page document. Here is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the hotly fought issues – between Northern and Southern states, large states and little ones – and the key players such as James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and George Washington who endured countless changes to make the Constitution happen.

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