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The teen idolater accidentally dies in a train accident and suffers burns over 70% of his body



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In 2012, a Swedish teenager named Axel Schylstrom climbed a summer night to the top of a railway on rail tracks.

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A Swedish teenager named Axel Schylstrom climbed the rail in 2012 on a summer night to the top of a train.

He accidentally touched the live line of power.

Axel burned through his body with 16,000 volts of electricity leaving him with third-degree burns splintering 70 percent of his body.

All that Axel remembers is awakening with a police officer standing over him and telling him what had just happened to him.

Before this terrible accident Axel considered himself a confident, nice-looking and popular guy with the world at his fingertips.

Now he received doctors who told him he may never walk again and that his deep scars may never heal.

He wrestled with his self-image and the thought of never returning his looks back.

But he was determined to walk and gain confidence again. He had years of Rehabilitation Therapy and performed more than 50 surgeries to repair his burns. He went into the world and faced judgement from others based solely on his appearance.

Then Axel decided to pursue his love of music. He was forgiven for the decision to jump from the top of the train on that fateful day. And all was beginning to change for the better.

He made such a great musical progress that he appeared on Sweden – Idol in 2015 and nearly made it to the end. He is now a performer and motivation speaker on a mission to redefine beauty and celebrate people’s differences.

Watch till you see today Axel’s progress.

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