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The Tasmania callout the NBL team The Jack Jumpers is sick as Hell – Fuck You



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I got good at good things I guess Andrew Bogut (@andrewbogut) The new team of New Bentland and the Tasmanian Jack Jumpers is called to all other names in the world – I will assume only.

Tasmania owns an NBL team and it will be called the Jack Jumpers. This name and identity for the newest NBL franchise was confirmed late last night and was immediately met with widespread dismay from fans and basketball identities, who clocked speedily to lift their pound of flesh off the announcement. The name itself was picked from a pool of five possible names and beat the other ‘finalist’name of the Tasmania Tridents to become the new face of Tasmanian basketball. And yet the howlings were cacophonous. People yelled: The name sucks They screamed with “Shit name”. I murmured ”What the Fuck? ” Others cried in amusement. But speaking as a Tasmanian born and raised, it’s my sworn duty to say no matter what, to piss off. Definitely all of us can piss off the hell. Piss off and keep pissing off and pisse off some more once you do that. The cat is good.

The screeches of those who think they know better – would you believe that mainlanders were one and all – came on social media all morning and fast. From NBL figures like Chris Anstey and Andrew Bogut to media personalities and sports commentators alike The hatred for Jack Jumpers could not have been more clear.

Oh joking? Well one. I got good at good things, I guess

Andrew Bogut (@andrewbogut)

The new team of the New Bentland and the Tasmanian Jack Jumpers is called due to, I will assume only, all the other names in the world being taken.

Titus O’Reily (@TitusOReily)

Tim Barrow ( @ TheBarrow

Damian Arsenis (@DamianArsenis)

Andy Dowling (@AndyDowling)

Adam Smith (@ajsmiddy)

Howls of demision! Howls! And yet my considered counterpoint is again : Throw off.

We are proud, courageous and driven. On the Islands hopes are high.

He leapt high over the giants. Strong in attack. With a hunger for victory we march in.

A green and gold flash comes from deep in the wilderness. We are Tasmania jackjammers???? ?

JackJumpers? (@JackJumpers)

It is a powerful ant and it exists. Warum do we draw the line here, when the NBL is rife with vague concepts and mythical crap? A king can not sting you U” is a bit of English premier league nonsense. And the Phoenix quietly entered the league without a soul ripping on that horrid Harry Potter-themed sack. But what if we were upset with a great ant? I don’t accept that. I can hardly accept that.

Jack Jumper is strong, terrifying and powerful. It is Tasmanian, and the more important is the country itself.

It’s our stout ant God damn it! And it rules.

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