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The real villain of Cobra Kai that no one talks about



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According to this insightful Redditor, the worst character on Cobra Kai is none other than Danny’s incompetent cousin Louie (Bret Ernst). You remember Louie. Through an act of extraordinary nepotism, he held a position of authority at LaRusso’s successful chain of luxury car dealerships. Louie compromised this position when he rallied a bunch of out-of-town motorcycle toughs to take a torch to Johnny Lawrence’s car.

This one act of gross incivility got him canned at the dealership and pretty much banned from the LaRussos lives altogether. It also set off a new round of hostility between Danny and Johnny, who blamed his teenage karate rival for the torching. At that point, even Amanda was ready to get rid of Louie, and who can honestly blame her?

If you needed someone to hate on Cobra Kai, look no further. Danny’s cousin Louie is the one guy who might be even worse than 17-year-old Johnny Lawrence. Heck — he might even be worse than Kreese.

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