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The Masked Singer Recap: Find out which player unseals himself



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THINKING – During his post-show chat with the judges, Gremlin revealed that he was too hot in his costume and removed his own mask, showing that he was The Wrestler star Mickey Rourke.

The Masked Singer traveled Wednesday on two fronts into previously undiscovered crooning country.

The show first presented the Baby Alien Costume which makes the singer more obscuring (and forces that person to engage in some basic puppetry). The second — and much bigger — choreographer in the Gremlin costume decided that after a musical number he was done and uhmmed himself.

Was this development always part of the planned season? I am certainly sure. Did the judges e & A take off on what as they acted as though someone was cureting cancer, right there in the middle of the LCD stage? Absolutely.

Also read through our quick recap of Group B (most of them really, really good! to find out who Gremlin was when he removed his fury mask.

SEAHORSE | “That is the sassiest seahorse I ever saw,” said Judge Nicole Scherzinger when Seahorse slithoped into the stage, and I would have to agree with her. We’ll find the clues in a second, but WOW could the woman inside sing or what? She died Rihanna’s “Only Girl (in the World)” breathy at first but belting with gusto when the time was right. She had Mary J. Blige vibes (although not as rich) when she got to the chorus and I’m sure I’ve heard that voice before. Clues include: Poodles, tea, a hog with warts (Hogwarts? Emotion Ocean and Tea. (My guess: I do not know and feel like I am ep 2 nil)

THINKING – During his post-performance chat with the judges, Gremlin announced that he was too hot inside his costume and removed his own mask, showing that he was The Wrestler star Mickey Rourke.

Now it’s your turn to say Hit the comment spots with your early guesses about Group B’s identity!

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