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The Friday Spoilers N.306 : The Walking Dead, House of Cards, The 100…



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The Walking Dead – Season 7 – The new goal, whose Rick has a goal, gives action for the end of the season.

/ Those who do not wish to be spoilt should not read on. The spoilers are self-explanatory.

2 Broke Girls – Season 7 – We should meet Max next season. This meeting was supposed to happen in this season, but it was delayed.

The series has cast an actor in his 40s who will play a very charismatic and charming new doctor. The problem ? He is manipulative and has a dark side. He will appear in the last four episodes of the season and can come back in the next season.

Jane the Virgin Season 3 – Contrary to what is reportedly believed it is not certain that Jane will turn to Rafael after the events of the last episode. What’s certain is, Rafael has a new girlfriend.

In a future episode a huge secret will be revealed about Barba. A secret so huge that even Benson will not be able to help if any other person could. Or he will choose another path.

Supernatural Season 12: We will have an awesome castiel episode at the end of the season.

The 100-semester 4 Jaha will be the centre of the plot of the next episode.

Good Fight Season 1 – Will will appear twice in the first episode.

The Walking Dead – Season 7 – The new goal of which Rick has a goal will give action for the end of the season. In the next episode, we’ll see a really cool scene with a zombie.

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