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“The family is concerned Brad will start talking”: Trumpworld panics about the debate faso as campaign climate troubles mount



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The campaign of Donald Trump is still analysing the political damage from Tuesday night’s chaotic first presidential debate. The president’s refusal to condemn white supremacists is obviously the immediate crisis. He blew ’em for sure, “ said a campaign consultant. At one time, a former West Wing official said to us loudly, “It’s nuts,” sounding like a Storm Survivor with PTSD. One former White House staffer, who remains close to the campaign, said: “Total lunacy. “Trump hardly won over any voters, and he spat a lot of people off,” said a prominent Republican candidate.

Trump-traitors agree on what he needs to do differently in the next debate. “He has to relax and let Joe Biden speak,” said the former official who is still close to the White House. But Republicans are resigned to the fact that Trump is unlikely–or unwilling–to corrig. Donald Trump thinks he won. “He didn’t say it,” said another Republican with affiliations to the campaign. Has anybody the balls to tell him that? Yes. They would be fired.”

Trump accepts the consensus that the debate was a disaster because sources say that he was unabashedly himself. « The thing about the debate is people had to see why no one who has any integrity can work for Trump. This is what each day is like for Trump in the oval office. It is the reason why [John Kelly] left. It is why [Jim] Mattis left,” said the prominent Republican. “Trump doesn’t let anyone else talk. He really doesn’t care what you have to say. He detains the people. He talks over them. And everybody around him thinks it is getting worse.

Within Trumpworld there is a view that the last week represents an inflection point in the campaign. On Sunday night it started with the bombshell New York Times reporting that Trump only paid $750 in federal income tax in 2016 and 2017. Trump said the Times story was worse for him than losing reelection. If you had told Donald in 2015 that his taxes would be exposed and he would have all these investigations, I guarantee you he wouldn’t have ran.”

As the story of Times became television news and Twitter, news broke that Trump’s former campaign manager Brad Parscale had been taken into custody outside his home in Ft. Lauderdale and hospitalized after threatening suicide and allegedly beating his wife days before. Video of a police officer brutally attacking a 6’8” Parscale on the street became instantly a visual metaphor for the chaos in the Trump campaign. One campaign advisor with whom I spoke was shocked by the amount of force the police used to punish Parscale and cuff him. “If Brad had been black, there would be riots all over the country,” the source said. (In fact, officers have killed unarmed Black men in far less hostile situations.)

Parscale’s public meltdown happened while he is under investigation for the US election campaign and the RNC. According to a source close to the campaign, the Trump family is concerned that Parscale could openly return to them and cooperate with law enforcement about possible campaign finance violations. The family is concerned Brad will start talking about it, the source said.

In response, the communications director of the Trump campaign, Tim Murtaugh, said: There is no investigation, no audit, and it was never.”

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