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The Carolina Panthers can build 4 ways on Week 3 victory against the Chargers.



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New Head Coach Matt Rhule can take a great deal of heart from their overall performance – another that shows progress from the previous week.

What are some ways that the Carolina Panthers can build on their impressive victory against Los Angeles Chargers in Week 3?

The Carolina Panthers could have picked up their first win of the season on Sunday, but what follows will be equally important.

This was another huge milestone for the Carolina Panthers, who snapped a 10-game losing streak with a sensational 21-16 win over the Los Angeles Chargers. New head coach Matt Rhule can take a tremendous amount of heart from their overall performance – another that shows progress from the previous weekend.

This is certainly all that the Panthers fans are likely looking for at this juncture.

They were fortunate to undergo some incredible changes to the roster and the coaching staff during the offseason. This left expectations at an all-time low but if the Panthers can develop with each passing game against some stiff competition then this could speed up their current rebuilding phase.

Rhule is keen to avoid calling their current project a rebuilding project. He prefers the term building ” which is fine. But it does not change the fact that there is much to do in the coming weeks.

Carolina has some worthy games if everything goes their way. But it is important not to become carried away by their Week 3 performance at SoFi Stadium.

It was despite all, just one victory.

The Panthers coach and players know that there are certain things they need to improve in the coming weeks. Let us take a look at four ways in which Carolina can build on their inaugural season of moral boost.

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