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The Big Arm Gets at the Gym : A Routine to Include In Your Training Plan



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The volume of work assigned to the triceps will be slightly larger because good development can give you more volume in addition to the fact that this muscle carries a larger size in the arm – than will your biceps (a muscle that gets little attention simply because it is located on the back of the body.

Many people wish to have bigger and stronger arms and specifically many men. This is because the arm muscles receive a lot of attention even though we may not properly train these muscles.

This routine will be a possible guide to how you can arrange your arm day to get the most out of your workouts.

Work in the gym : such as.


French Press Dumbbell.

8-8-10-10-10 10

45o Bench Bicep curl :

Trickle high pulley extensions.


Crolly Dumbbell spider


Strength training in the gym: points to consider

This routine is oriented for repeated twice a week (frequency two), so that we would perform it on a Monday and repeat it on a Thursday or a Friday based on the rest of the muscle that we work on these days.

If you have just started in the gym you do not have to repeat it because at this point, you will be doing it once a week to progress, and repeating it can cause muscles damage and excessive fatigue.

Nevertheless, if it seems too demanding, you can even divide it into two days so that you train your arms twice a week, but more all together.

Our intensity will be determined through repetitions in the room or RIR in each series. Similarly, if our series is eight repetitions with RIR 3, we must work with a weight that allows us to perform a maximum of eleven repetitions of the exercise but only eight, leaving three repetitions in the chamber.

This will be done to ensure that each individual can effectively set the weight they are working with as a load may appear too light to some but to others too heavy. We will avoid muscle failure because this can cause very high localized fatigue in the arms that will last over time and will not offer more benefits than a couple of repetitions in reserve.

The volume of work assigned to the triceps will be slightly greater because in addition to the fact that this muscle carries a larger size in the arm, good development can give you more volume than can your biceps (a muscle that is rarely given all the attention it deserves simply because it is located on the back of the body.

The exercises to execute for your arms in the routine

French Press: Dumbbell

We start with the French press since it is the most demanding of the two exercises that are included in this routine and we can work it with a larger intensity in this way. Our routine also begins with this exercise to give priority to the triceps that we have already discussed.

With the arm perpendicular to the body vertically moving the forearm by contracting the triceps to the point of highest verticality. When working with the arms separated from the torso, we will emphasise the long head of the triceps more.

Curl 45o Bench – Bicep Curl

The reason we chose this bicep exercise is because in this way we will put a greater emphasis on the long head of the biceps without leaving mechanical strain that can offer work with relatively high loads.

For it to be correctly completed, we will accelerate and explosion the concentric phase and concentric phase slowly and controlled, giving it a little more priority to promote muscle hypertrophy.

High pulley tricep extensions.

Unlike the previous tri trace exercise, in high pulley extensions we work with the arm close to torso, focusing on the short head and the lateral head.

In this exercise we will be careful not to hyperextend the elbows or block them, and we also will have to respect the physiological curves of the back, without hyperlordotic movements.

Dumbbell spider curls

The dumbbell spider curl is an exercise that produces a great metabolic stress, as the point of maximum tension coincides with the point of greatest shortening of the biceps and in this way nutrients and metabolites such as lactate accumulate that cause greater congestedness.

This is why we put this exercise for the last time, and its rep range is slightly higher than the other.

This article was originally published by Guille Andreu in June 2019 and has been republished for publication.

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