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The 100 season 7 episode 9 live stream: Watch online



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Last week’s episode of took viewers on a journey back in time, showing them what humanity was like when the world ended the first time — and demonstrating what The 100 prequel series might look like if it’s greenlit by The CW.

(And it absolutely should be.)

This week, however, the series will return to the present-day storylines — revealing what became of Octavia, Echo, Diyoza, and Hope on Bardo, and giving us some insight into Sheidheda’s misdeeds in Sanctum.

Both of these plot points left viewers on a cliffhanger, so it’ll be nice to get some answers (even if those answers don’t bode well for our beloved characters).

The final moments of “Anaconda” suggested that Octavia and the others on Bardo had been brainwashed, and the episode title for this week — “The Flock” — and suggest that is indeed the case.

The clips we see of the Disciples highlight making sacrifices for the greater good of humanity, and Anders rambles about giving everything “for the group,” some clear-as-day cult lingo, and that’s being generous.

Watch the promo trailer for “The Flock” here:

Anders’ end goal remains unclear, so it’s hard to understand why he’s so insistent about his ideology — or why Octavia and the others would agree to follow it.

Hopefully this week will make sense of the Disciples storyline, or at least answer a few of the questions fans have been asking for weeks now.

The other half of the promo for “The Flock” sees tensions building between Indra and Sheidheda, no doubt the result of the Eligius prisoners and Children of Gabriel ganging up on Emori and the others at Sheidheda’s behest.

From the brief glimpses we get in the teaser, it looks like Indra might give us the Dark Commander’s backstory — and she may have to make some deals with the devil to protect her people.

The suspense and action on The 100 doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, and fans won’t want to miss the next drop on this rollercoaster of a final season.

Here’s how you can tune in for tonight’s episode of The 100:

Check back here on Culturess after the episode airs for reviews and updates about The 100!

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