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The 100 EP breaks down the best moments of the series finale: The life of humankind, these Epic Returns and Much More



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In Wednesday night the 100 reached an unexpected conclusion in The Final of the Series, in which the entire human race took up trial – and whatever remains of it – TVLine talked with showrunner Jason Rothenberg about the hottest developments of the episode, but first a quick recap: With the code in his possession, Cadogan encountered a celestial jogger who took the form of Callie.

In Wednesday night, The 100 reached an unexpected conclusion in The Final of the Series, which took the entire human race on trial — and whatever remains of it — TVLine spoke to showrunner Jason Rothenberg about the hottest developments of the episode, but firstly a quick recap:

With the code in his possession, Cadogan prepared to take the ultimate test, faced a celestial “joiner” who took the form of Callie. And he might have faced a chance had Clarke not tried to steal him and shot him from behind. With Cadogan indisposed, Clarke stood up to perform the test, faced her own Judge in form of Lexa. Unfortunately, the artist formerly known as Wanheda failed, ending the human race in its entirety.

That is when Raven stepped up to challenge the decision and faced her own Judge in Form of Abby. Together they watched as the discipleial clashed with the people of Sanctum much to the dismay of the judges. Just when all hope appeared lost, Octavia convinced both sides to abandon their weapons, proving to “Abby” that humans are capable of unifying. And so humanity was saved. Everyone who was still alive — including Levitt and Echo despite sustained near-fatal wounds and Madi and Emori — died neither officially — transformed and transcended into energy.

Read on for our full Q & A with Rothenberg, the “return” of Lexa and Abby, the hint of closure for Bellamy and the moment he wishes we could have had more time to enjoy it :

This show has always had strong religious undertones but has kept it vague with this villain of “judgment”. I had to come through a bit of a re-write about how to avoid being too preachy based on a person’s perspective on religion : there’s certainly a religious interpretation one can draw from the finale. That was not my intention. I say that we all have energy, our consciousness is energy, and our energy can neither be created nor destroyed — just transformed from one form to another. And this is the next evolution of human consciousness to join up to a greater universal consciousness. It’s the science-fiction explanation for where religion takes its inspiration.

TVLINE | I still gasped when I saw Lexa, even though it wasn’t actually her. Wie felt it to return Eliza Taylor and Alycia Debnam-Carey? It was amazing. Alycia was such a fun return to us. She is such a great person and such a team player. I know she was very excited to be back in makeup and costume. It was a little tricky for everyone to find the line between how much of Lexa she should bring to the performance and how much to play the judge/hero that is going on in that scene. But it was good to be there and to watch this. I hope that the fans can get some closure. I know that is important to her and to me. It will not satisfy everyone, but it was wonderful to have her back.

“Abby” was also a fun surprise. What was your process for deciding which characters to return to? It came down to who was going to be facing the judges most of the time. Cadogan was first, so it made perfect sense that it was Callie. Iola [Evans] flew back from London to do it and was completely on board for it. By the way, she was fantastic, so I hope that we get to play with her in prequels. We also knew that Clarke was going to enter and disrupt the test so we thought: “Who would be the character she would see knowing that either its your greatest love, your greatest teacher, or your greatest enemy?” and knowing that Clarke was going to fail the test and that Raven was going to appeal the verdict, she needed the embodiment of her greatest teacher. Sinclair was certainly considered as a thought, but to her Abby meant so much more than her mother on some level. And those were the only people who faced the judges, so there was no idea to bring anyone else back.

I think the fans hoped to see Bellamy in this episode most likely. Ich certainly did. Away from the Hallway, Levitt tells Octavia that they are protecting Clarke, only the living can transcend. This is a crushingly sad moment for Octavia to realise that Bellamy was right. That was just the rule we established for transcendence so it didn’t make sense at that moment to bring back Bellamy.

TVLINE | Not many deaths stuck in this final but I have to say — It was really satisfying to watch Indra crush Sheidheda to bits! All of these scenes in the forest during the battle took two days of shooting, which probably should have taken six days. We didn’t have much time to do everything. JR Bourne and Adina Porter are such pros that don’t require a lot of time: they are perfect first time out. Unfortunately there wasn’t much time to enjoy this victory because the final had to be moving.

TVLINE | What’s next for Clarke and the rest of the people who have decided not to transcend? They can never reproduce and they can’t transcend, so this is for them They are going to live together as a family and to age together, and when they die, the human race is over. But it’s okay because we transcended and joined the universal consciousness. So it is a happy end for the human race.

TVLINE | The Judge agreed to spare the human race when it saw that people could learn to lay down their weapons and get along. Is that the thesis of this show that the human race is really Wonkru? Tribalist is bad. The entire show was dramatizing the dark side of tribalism – death of the other guy because you protect your own people – as opposed to realizing that we all share this space together. We are all Wonkru on planet Earth and until we realize that, we are locked in a dangerous fate.

Your thoughts on The 100 Series Ending is Write the final season below (and grade it down) then drop a comment with your complete review Are you satisfied with the end?

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