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Strange New Worlds provides details of the return of an Enterprise fan-fave.



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Thanks to a recent Tweet teaser by CBS, it seems more likely that Quick spoilers for Short Treks are ask not ahead On September 16th the Star Trek on CBS shared a Q-” ” with several cast members who answered questions from fans such as Mary Chieffo (L & R on Discovery), Alison Pill (Jurati on Picard) and Amrit Kaur (Cadet Sidu on Short Treks.)

We don’t have a complete picture of the crew of the USS Enterprise classic for the upcoming spin-off Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. All we know is that the three leading characters — Captain Pike (Anson Mount ), Number One (Rebecca Romijn ) and Spock (Ethan Peck) — will be returning.

The Discovery Season 2 finale featured an entire Enterprise crew comprised of Lieutenant Amin (Samora Smallwood), Lieutenant Mann (Hanneke Talbot), Lieutenant Nicola (Chai Valladares) and Yeoman Colt (Nicole Dickinson). CBS has yet to confirm if any of these characters or actors will return for Strange New Words, even though we saw Lt. Amin in the flashback short-form series episode titled ” Q&A.

One relatively recent addition to the crew would be able to continue to join Strange New Worlds. Thanks to a recent Twitter teaser from CBS, that seems more likely

Quick spoilers for Short Treks: Ask Not ahead

On September 16 the Star Trek on CBS shared a Q ” ; -A with several cast members who answered questions from fans such as Mary Chieffo (L & R on Discovery), Alison Pill (Jurati on Picard) and Amrit Kaur (Cadet Sidu on Short Treks.)

Two of these actors are not likely to return to any existing Trek project. In Discovery Season 2 was left era 23 with L’Rell behind, and we have no idea if she will appear in Strange New Worlds. The more intriguing inclusion was Chieffo, who has only ever appeared in one Trek — the Short Treks episode ask not ” ;

In the episode, Cadet Thiru Sidhu is recruited to join the Enterprise in the most wrong manner possible. Pike makes her believe he’s gone rogue and it is her job to prevent him from breaking all Starfleet’s rules. The point of the test in “Ask Not” is to see if Sidhu is willing to obey rules even when someone cool like Pike tells her to bend them. She passed the test and lands a position on USS Enterprise.

This brief season revolved entirely around one character — whom we had never seen before — who found out that she was recruited to join the Enterprise via a secret mind-game test. In 2019, she’s said that her short-trail episode “standing on its own,” but that she’d be eager to return to the franchise : “Of course I’d come back. Would be grateful to anyone who would believe in me.”

It does not mean that Kaur is involved in a fun fan event for CBS as Sidhu in Strange New Worlds. This is purely speculation. But if she is doing promotional for Star Trek et she comes out, it seems like a missed opportunity. Creating an intense and emotional backstory for a truly memorable character is – Sidhu could easily serve as an audience surrogate for Strange New Worlds and isn’t rolled into a canon-heavy backstory. Moments ago, this is something strange New Worlds desperately needs.

If Kaur returned in Strange New Worlds, it would give an exciting show a little bit more ground. It would also give delivery on a promise made by Short Treks. These stories are usually relatively independent stories, but several episodes of short treks have predicted larger events in the unfolding new canon of Trek on TV. Warum should Sidhu’s story be any different?

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is currently developing.

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