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They show up to Find It is a Husky Thingby Lostmaniac Tue Sep 15, 2020 6:30 pm » Beginner Gardenerby Lostmaniac Tue Sep 15, 2020 9:00 Lostmaniac The Desert Packby Wed Sep 09, 2020 10:49

Thank you to all for your entries this month!

Delaware Valley Siberian Husky Rescue

Join date : 2018-07-30

My dog has a really loud bark and barks only when he gets blown up. My neighbour has a large garden but chose to place a patio just beside our adjoining fence where is my patio door and my living room. I can’t understand why he put one there when he has such a large garden maybe 1/2 acre no neighbours on the other side. He’s swept up the garden near my fence two nights at fast 10pm so that the dogs would probably bark as its getting dark. I brought my dog and diverted him in. I don’t talk to my neighbours on that side he is quite ignorant, and I think he is the type of man who is unreasonable because ordinary people wouldn’t dig that time of the night if they had to do it all day. Tonight at almost 10pm as it was dark he was loud on his patio, so of course my Husko barked like the dog of hell. My dog has a loud barking sound. I will not complain as I do have neighbours at a distance and ironically I do not feel it’s my dogs fault, as I think most dogs would do the same if they heard loud noises at night. Any training tips for getting my dog to stop? Summer is at hand and my neighbour has now built a patio there he plans to use. I cant sit in my other rooms as I have this patio door, and I leave it open for my dogs.

Tag : 2014-08-18Location : Terlingua, Texas

Here in the USA, if a neighbor were doing something at this time of night and cause my dog to raise cock was inclined to call the Sheriff Your dog is doing the right thing by alerting you to a potential problem and I don’t think I would be inclined to try to force him to stop – do you want him to not bark if a burglar walks in?

If I remember correct, most of the housing in the UK is owned / leased by what we here would call a county (probably entirely wrong idea and terms) can’t they help the problem as his choice of location for a patio would constitute a nuisance.

“Properly trained, a man can be a dog’s best friend. ”

Corey Ford was re-signed in the 1940s to start Corey Ford

Join date : 2018-10-22 Location : Colorado

I love no noise laws and the fact that everyone here has dogs that bark 24/7 so my dog doesnt stand out.

Join date : 2013-06-14

Join Date : 2018-10-22 Location : Colorado

Wir tried a bark collar on the splinter. I’m not sure if he is simply too stupid to get or too stubborn. The only neighbor nearby to care has Chihuahuas so they are very used to barking.

Join date : 2018-07-30

Many thanks for the responses In the UK I’m living He rarely wakes up though the day. It’s nighttime, and I agree that’s what dogs are supposed to do. I bring him at night in the house. My neighbour is well within his right to place a patio where he wants, yet I am baffled with such a large garden why he would do it so close to someone else’s home. I do not want my dog to get into trouble as I think any dog would do the same thing. Anyways I’ve put a really big compost bin next to the fence, where his patio is directly on the other side… maybe he will reconsider once the smell begins. I do have CCTV and if I receive complaints I think that the early digging of the garden is unreasonable. The neighbor is retired so he can do the work on an earlier reasonable time, in my opinion. He keeps messed around with the fence so my dogs have gone out in the past too. I want to be reasonable, i think he is personally ignorant. I have to get a new fence – that I know if he interferes – put up i will punish them.

Date of Assembly : 2013-12-20

And yesterday are two nights? At 2 in the morning Lot of barking. So strange I went to check out. He was robbing like a madman. A charge happened something I could not see. In the morning I found what. I had left the shed door open (forgot to close) and all my draw frame pre-loading them to go into supers on the floor and outside the door on the ground. Looks like a big boy ran by a bear Before he could reach the hives he had to work hard. Which is really, really good because the electric fence was not on ( Z’ev fell some wires while I was weeding the vegetable garden and broke some wires )

Now electric fence repaired and works This is useful if some barking is good.

I believe in UK you can’t use tracers? They actually work. My sons dog barks indiscriminately sometimes. Highly irritating. Bark collar works

Participate : 2018-10-22Location : Colorado

So this last sunday, Spider who seldom barks, jumped a storm in the laundry room. The water heater sat there and was spiking and melting. She did actually bark it because i could smell an electrical fire but she pinpointed it and then i called 911.

I can tell the lings apart and if its a thing i need to check out or call them in over or if my terrier is just annoying. We have a magpie that barks splinter, and him and the bird sit here barking at each other. That is super annoying! And I tried one of the Citronella – Sprayer collars. Didn’t work because i think he is too stupid to eat it. It took me 5 years to instruct him sit. He is just a few crayons from a crayon box.

Date Joining : 2013-12-20

I use the bark collar, which provides a correction like the invisible fence. But only on my son’s dog. The other two don’t bour. Except when absolutely necessary Or at least as above.

Until date : 2018-07-30

What is in the UK is when people complain about barking dogs to councillors. Ironically, things like people digging gardens late at night scare a dog. I’ve never had any complaints and he does not bark randomly. Its night and it’s heavy.

Join Date : 2018-10-22 Location : Colorado

I just think that the majority of the world has turned into self-aggarious fetishists. The idea of anybody other than themselves is beyond their comprehension. Or at least in both America and Israel. Although my BIL says that a lot of the Orthodox Jews are convinced that god will save them and they dont need to take any precautions, but gods will. Tel Aviv is now halting.

Basically, how can you expect someone to be respectful of your dog when they are in general not generally considerate about anything? Sit the dog barks only at the person you bark with let him bark. Perhaps the barking will convince him not to dig late at night.

I watch ID quite a lot and the digging a garden at night sent my imagination all directions.

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