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Sofia Myles Wiki Bio, David Tennant, actor, married



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She performed for the following year as Agnes Fleming in the iTV1 miniseries based on Charles Dickens’book of the same name in the romantic comedy drama ‘Mansfield Park’and then as Saucy Wood Nymph in the slapstick black comedy Guest House Paradiso , following comic duo Adrian Edmondson and Rik Mayall in 1999.

Who is Sophia Myles?

Net worth of Sophia Myles is estimated to be $227 million.

Her career began in 1996 and she has been active in the entertainment industry since then mainly known as a professional actress. So if you ever wondered how wealthy is Sophia Myles, it has been estimated by authoritative sources that the total worth of her is over $5 million accumulated through her successful acting career. If she continues to enhance her career further, her net worth will definitely increase in the coming years.

Early Life, Parents, Education

Sophia spent her early life in Notting Hill, where she was baptized alongside her younger brother Oliver by her father Peter Myles, a retired vicar of the Church of England and her mother Jane Myles who works in education publishing. In regard to her education, she went to Fox Primary School and later when the family moved to Isleworth, West London she attended Green School. She developed a love of theater and acting through her high school years, appearing in various school plays. After matriculating, she was quite successful at A level and was accepted to study philosophy, however, she changed her profession and began to pursue her career in the world of acting.

The late 1990s: Changing career path

Talking about Sophia’s professional acting career, it began in 1996 when she was selected to portray Lady Jane Grey in the TV mini-series “The Prince And The Pauper”, which was followed in 1998 by her guest appearance as Saffron in another TV mini-series entitled “Big Women”. She starred as Agnes Fleming in the iTV1 mini-series “Oliver Twist” based on the book of the same name written by Charles Dickens in the romantic comedy – drama “Mansfield Park” during the following year and then performed as Saucy Wood Nymph in the slapstick black comedy – “Guest House Paradiso”, following the comic duo Adrian Edmondson and Rik Mayall in 1999. All these roles marked the establishing of her net worth.

The early 2000s were the early years of the 1960s to the 2000s.


Sophia Myles (@SophiaMyles)

The mid 2000s: Rise to Fame

The late 2000s are a rough era.

The early 2010s took place:

Recent years are some of the latest years.

From 2014 until 2018, she was not as active in the search for other projects because she appeared as Victoria in the short film “Two Words” and then won the role of Rebecca Bishop in the fantasy television series “A Discovery Of Witches”. Her net worth is still not well-established by any means.

Personal life is she married? Which of her sons is her father?

Figures and Vital Statistics

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Social media presence is a relatively new phenomenon in the media sphere.

In addition to her career, Sophia is active on many of the most popular social media websites that she uses not only to promote her projects, but also to share diverse other contents with her fans. So she runs her official account, on which she has nearly 26,000 followers. She also runs her official and has her own page on which you can find more details about her career.

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