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So Jeffree Star’s new boyfriend accused him and ignores his calls.



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While it is unclear exactly what is going on, Star deleted all his photographs of Marhold off his social media and posted a cryptic story on Instagram : “Every time I trust someone, God slaps my neck with a sandal.” Not great, but as the saying goes.

No one is more than falling in love with autumn, right? Cozy nights by the fire, long walking romantic walks checking out the fall foliage and getting robbed by your significant other and reached out via Instagram because they are ignoring your calls. That is what reportedly happened to the infamous makeup guru and former YouTuber Jeffree Star and his basketball partner Andre Marhold. On September 30th, Hip Magazine posted a screenshot of a comment that Star left on a photo that Marhold posted on Instagram, which claimed that he had stolen items from his house and left him on the read. Instead of talking quietly, star happily reads the comment of Star, before it takes a huge left turn. Can you send me all the stuff you stole from my house back because you can’t answer the phone right now?? Which sort of lowlife fucking scum doed that? Buy it back!!! If you need a return label, just ask [cry face emojis]: “Yeah, it looks like there is trouble in paradise.

This is only the latest injury in a series of blows for the YouTuber who spent the summer at the center of Dramageddon, the public reckoning where Youtubers like Star and Shane Dawson publicly confronted their numerous instances of racist and predatory behavior, culminating in the cosmetic Morphe Star pulling the knots. Star continued to make headlines after his ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwann broke up after 5 years together and went public with his relationship with Marhold on August 22. Multiple women in Marhold’s life reported on social media that Marhold may be a bride for the money. Well, Star may not give away money, but it appears still disappears. While it’s unclear exactly what is going on, Star deleted all of his photos with Marhold from his social media and posted a cryptic story on Instagram : “Everytime I start trusting someone God slaps the back of my neck with a sandal.” Look, stealing is obviously illegal and not great, but as the saying goes…

According to rumours, Jeffree Star’s boyfriend robbed him.

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