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Shepard Smith revoked his contract with Fox to focus on the news.



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Just before Shepard made his exit from Fox News, it became increasingly clear that the outlet favored analysis coverage and expert over straight news, something Shepard deeply valued.

When longtime broadcast journalist Shepard Smith suddenly left Fox News in the middle of his multi-year contract in 2019, the audience were more than a little shocked. Shepard had been with the outlet for more than two decades and became a regular in 1996.

When he broke the news to his viewers, the only explanation he offered was that the “truth always matters.” He also said that he likely would not report elsewhere in the immediate future.

But why did Shepard leave Fox even to someone else?

Why has Shepard Smith actually left Fox News?

Just before Shepard made his departure from Fox News, it became increasingly clear that the outlet favored analysis coverage and the experts above straight news, something Shepard deeply valued. This was partly why his segment, Shepard Smith Reporting, was finally moved up to the time slot 3 p.m.

Some speculated that Shepard left the network after a vocal spat with one of the other well-known faces of the network, Tucker Carlson. The guest had brought a guest who criticized one of the analysts Shepard had presented on his show in public and according to AP News shepard criticized his co-worker for the attack.

Even President Donald Trump criticized the anchor and called him the Network’s boss.

Shepard clarified that it was not his colleagues’ critics that lead to his decision to leave.

The outlet said he felt like it was time for a new challenge for a long time. No one about talent, no on-air people at this spot pushed me out the door.

Shepard Smith will host a new program on CNBC.

Almost a whole year after his sudden departure Shepard is back with CNBC to report on news.

According to AP News, Shepard had always valued straight news even before his sudden departure from Fox, and was grateful to find an outlet where he could focus on the content he valued.

He told AP News : « We’re going to come out and do just the news and do the news We have no plans to perform any analysis in our news hour. We will have journalists, reporters, sound and video. We will have newsmakers and experts, but no pundits. We’re leaving the opinion to others. It’s exactly what I wanted to do for the last few years. That’s where I’ve worked for 30 years.

When Shepard Fox left, he signed a non-compete agreement, meaning he would not be able to report after a period of time to a rival outlet. He was allegedly courted by other networks for a contract, but CNBC’s offer fit better

“My feeling was that it was not an obvious and conventional move for him,” CNBC Chairman Mark Hoffman told AP News. To a lesser degree, I felt that at the same time we had a concept that we had been thinking about for a number of years and that fit his interests just fine. It just so happened that it was exactly what Shep was looking for, item for item.“

Now you can watch Shepard on The News with Shepard Smith on CNBC Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m.

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