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SDCC 2019: Cobie Smulders”very unhinged’Stumptown’character uses sex and alcohol to deal with severe PTSD



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The whole situation gets even better with the setting of the story, which Smulders will tell you is “not in the mall, not in the spaceship”

Cobie Smulders took new heights of popularity as cool girl Robyn Scherbatsky in’How I Met Your Mother’ It then surprised and shocked us as S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Maria Hill in the Avengers series Marvel. And now she takes her onscreen badass avatar to a whole other level as she prepares for the role of an army vet turned private investigator Dex Period in the upcoming ABC drama ‘Stumptown’.

Created by Greg Rucka and co-written by him with Jason Richman, the show focuses on Smulders’character Dex who is described as a “stupid army veteran… becomes a private investigator in Portland, Oregon, where she takes care of her brother.”

Sounds pretty neat, but Smulders will make fans know that Dex’s plot and arc is nothing but neat, in fact, it is the messiest character Smulders has had the opportunity to play.

“She’s so complicated and it’s been really fun to play because you are playing so many different things,” the actress continued, adding: “And she’s messy, and I was just ready to play someone who was very unhampered”

The whole situation gets even better with the setting of the story, which Smulders will have you know is “not in the mall, not in the spaceship. We’re in the ground, we’re in the bars, we’re messy and we get the job done ”

Things take a dark turn when you dissect the character of Dex because she isn’t the cleaner veteran turned PI who makes others’ lives better. In fact, it is her life that she needs to get back on track, but what stops her is a serious case of post-traumatic stress disorder from her days in the service, revealed Smulders.

Smulders told us: “This is a character who is dealing with PTSD. She had some really traumatic events occur to her when she was in the military service. She’s 10 years old, but still struggles and struggles with that through many different addictions, which include sexuality, gambling and alcohol.

She enthused that she was just floating around life and just barely making ends meet in her relationships – and she is just messier than any I’ve had the chance to get.

As confident as Smulders is on the coming show, she is also worried about all the long hours of work that would prevent her from seeing her children. But that does not reduce the amount of excitement she is brimming with about the messy, somewhat dysfunctional PI.

Stumptown premieres on ABC on September 25 at 10pm only.

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