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Scientists calculate the total amount of all matter in the universe.



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But the matter is not the only thing that constitutes the universe and it is difficult to know how much normal matter is on the cosmic scale and how much is else.

Planets, stars and other cosmic objects are made of matter, as are the atoms that exist in our own bodies. But matter is not all that makes up the universe and it is difficult to know precisely what is normal matter and how much is something else on the cosmic scale.

Riverside claims that they have made the most accurate measurement of the amount of normal matter in the universe — and it is just 31.5 percent.

Their research is detailed in a post posted in The Astrophysical Journal this week. The results could help scientists understand how the universe evolved and what the rest is of.

Scientists believe that the universe is composed of three things: normal matter, dark matter and dark energy. Normal matter is the atoms that make up all the cosmic objects in the universe but accounts for the smallest portion of the cosmos.

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