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Sasha Banks isn’t playing who you anticipated.



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Chelli Lona Aphra is a comic character that has quickly become a fan favorite after appearing in the Darth Vader comics run of Kieron Gillan and a spinoff series of her own.

The 2nd Mandalorian season trailer left a question on everyone’s lips. Who was the dark hooded figure lurking among the shadows? Some believed that Sasha Banks played Ahsoka in disguise but the most popular theory suggested that she was instead playing Sabine Wren, the Mandalorian graffiti artist from Star Wars: Rebels. Two compelling fan theories suggest that Banks may play someone a little more obscure but just as exciting for Star Wars fans.

There are a couple of clear reasons banks could not be playing Sabine. Redditor pointed out that Sabine would probably be less visible without her helmet as a Mandalorian. While she was not too hard pressed to keep it in the Rebels, Mandalorian put a lot of emphasis on this rule. The sudden appearance of a helmet-wearing skulllaw could undermine all of this worldbuilding

A surreal appearance in the trailer suggests that Banks may not have inherited her loyalties with the Rebellion. Another theory by redditor suggests that this character is a person who has never appeared in a Star Wars film or TV show : Dr. Aphra.

Chelli Lona Aphra is a comic book character who has become a fast fan favorite after appearing in Kieron Gillan’s run of Darth Vader Comics and grabbing a spinoff series of her own. She’s a mix of Indiana Jones and Han Solo: a renegade archaeologist who plays by her own rules and hardly cares about who she works for as long as she gets paid.

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