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Ryan Reynolds Agrees That We Need Deadpool 3 Right Now



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Ryan Reynolds responded to a fan-made poster of Deadpool 3 by agreeing that he would really like to find another film whenever possible. The Canadian celebrity is now famous for playing the Merc With A Mouth, a function he’s always appeared destined to play with, especially after being mentioned by the comic authors over ten years back. Unfortunately, for a time, it appeared that a Royal Deadpool film would never see the light of day following Reynolds played a bizarrely silent version of the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

However, after putting together a sizzle reel, and then purposely leaking it online, Fox chose to greenlight the movie, and it became a massive hit for the studio, rapidly becoming the highest-earning R-rated movie of all time. It had been dethroned by the sequel two years later, which brought together the X-Force only to kill them all off shortly after. The sequel larger success proved that fans are hungry for more Deadpool activity, but there’s not been any official word on a third film since Disney obtained Fox.

And now Reynolds has proven he’s just as desperate to watch Deadpool 3 get left because his supporters, after responding to a fan-made poster for the movie. The caption on the article labelled Reynolds, saying, “WE NEED IT at the moment,” to which he answered, “ditto.” The poster itself is a re-imagining of the poster for Reynolds’ forthcoming movie Free Guy, together with Deadpool’s lawsuit placed over Reynolds, and a multitude of Marvel Easter eggs photoshopped in. You are able to see the Tweet, and Reynolds’ reply, below.

Unfortunately for lovers and Reynolds, it seems that Deadpool 3 is the very last thing on the minds of the executives at Disney. Since buying Fox, the media giant has stayed silent on its plans for some of those characters in the X-Men world, besides releasing the already completed New Mutants previous week. Reynolds did say in 2019 the film is in development, but nothing was mentioned since. Things are up in the air that Deadpool founder Rob Liefeld stated Deadpool 3 may not occur at all, as he has not been talked about by anyone at Marvel Studios.

No one can forecast what’s going to happen with the property, but Marvel Studios will be silly to not make yet another film from the franchise. The first two made amazing money and possibly turned the character into the second-most favourite X-Man following Wolverine. So a Deadpool 3, even if it is PG13 as opposed to R-rated, should be a certainty. Strangely, however, at this point, it is anything but.

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