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Registering to Vote Is More Important Than Hailey Bieber’s $105 Saint Laurent Pool Float



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Those headed for an outdoor pool in these dying days of summer might want to remember their sunscreen, booze, and erm, $105 Saint Laurent float.

That was the mental checklist Hailey Bieber potentially made (probably without the alcohol part) prior to going for a dip earlier this week, as documented on Instagram. Premium inflatable lounger flexing aside, the model had a way more important message for her followers (click the post above to see the caption in full), urging them to register to vote. You can find out more about that here.

But back to the show-stopping float in question, which was included in a recent mammoth lifestyle release by the Parisian house along with Havainas flip flops, ice cube molds, Baccarat tumblers, towels, yoga mats, an Everlast punchbag, dumbbell weights, a bicycle, and a whole load of other random tat one would expect to find gathering dust in a Beverly Hills mansion. In the pantheon of nonsensical high-fashion accessories — think Chanel’s $20,000 fishing rod, Tiffany’s $700 ping pong paddles, and of course, Supreme’s clay brick, the cost of which I’ve successfully erased from memory — it feels almost preposterous to say that a $105 Saint Laurent float could be considered something of a reasonable proposition. Yet it kind of… is?

If you feel like treating yourself this month, the items are available at the Saint Laurent website and at Saint Laurent’s Rive Droite boutique in Beverly Hills. Still, remember, register to vote!

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