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Ray Fisher reportedly on board when Zack Snyder remakes ‘Justice League’ Cast for ‘Snyder Cut’ Reshoots



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Past Brent Furdyk.

4 minutes ago

Zack Snyder reassembles the roles in “Justice League” for remakes that will be featured in his upcoming “Snyder Cut” of DC Comics 2017 superhero movie.

Snyder, whose previous directorial efforts included “Watchmen” and “300”, was in the middle of production when a family tragedy forced him to quit. Director Joss Whedon (“The Avengers”) was brought in as an 11-hour replacement to complete the film.

When “Justice League” was released, neither the reviews nor the box office lived up to expectations; meanwhile, subsequent accusations from actor Ray Fisher – who played Cyborg – about abusive behavior by Whedon, made possible by studio managers, have resulted in a full-fledged investigation.

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In the midst of the turmoil, HBO Max revealed that Snyder would return to the project to complete his long-awaited “Snyder Cut” of the film, which has long been rumored to be superior to the film that was finally released.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the result is a four-part miniseries, with new special effects and new scenes starring Henry Cavill (Superman), Ben Affleck (Batman), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Ezra Miller (The Flash) and Jason Momoa (Aquaman).

THR reports that Fisher is also scheduled for a week-long reconsideration, despite his high criticism of Warner Bros.

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Meanwhile, Fisher discusses with the studio to make a como The lightning, which is scheduled to go into production next year; right now, however, these negotiations have reportedly stopped.


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