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Play the most underappreciated Japanese game on PS4 ASAP!



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With the release of the PS5 just weeks away, you may not be looking to expand your PS4 library.. This is a mistake because the boring months of an older console are the best time to find some fantastic deals on bestsellers and hidden gems.. However, the PlayStation Store isn’t the easiest to navigate, even when you know exactly what you want to do.. That means absolutely brilliant games can sometimes fall through the cracks.. One of the most memorable, innovative and rightly hilarious Japanese games made in the last 15 years is currently on sale for ( with a! ) thanks to Sony’s sale.. If you are got a kick out of story-driven adventures and virtual tourism, you absolutely need to check them out..

It’s very difficult to compare 428 Shibuya Scramble to any other game, because it’s so insistently strange and idiosyncratic. Five different characters whose paths cross during a chaotic day in Tokyo’s buzziest neighborhood — a detective, a former gang leader, a downtrodden journalist, a researcher — take control and have their paths crossed.. a girl stuck in a big goofy cat costume. There is a kidnapping to foil, a bioterror plot and hijinks aplenty as you’re tasked with saving the city from an attack..

And you will fail at this lofty goal incessantly more than a few times.. This game has 87 possible endings — and no, it is not a typo.. Obviously, some are lighter than others, but there are literally dozens of ways that this interconnected story can play out..

Spike Chunsoft’s branching adventure was originally released in 2008 for the Wii, PS3 and PSP, but it did not get a Western release for Steam and PS4 until 2018.. Despite boasting a solid 85, it’s overlooked because it’s an “old” game, but it has a retro live action meets Visual Novel style that makes it feel like a refreshing throwback to Sega CD / Saturn Days in the best possible way.. If you enjoy the off-kilter humor of the Yakuza series, which places you in a city teeming with weirdos, 428 Shibuya Scramble has a similar feel..

The gameplay is pretty similar to more recent choice-based games like Detroit: Become Human, Life Is Strange or Catherine. It is a visual novel so it is not too heavy on action, but you’ll need to keep engaged with the story and think carefully about how to proceed and get a better outcome.. Often you’ll need to jump back and forth between stories to get your characters in the same place in order to advance the story.. The game includes a detailed flow chart to help you along, but even when you mess everything up, it is delightfully fun..

Tama can’t remember who she is, but was roped into wearing this costume to demo a dodgy diet drink.. Spike Chunsoft Spike / Chunsoft.

13 Sentinels by Atlus newly released : Aegis Rim has a lot in common with 428, down to its carousel-like character selection screen.. Although 13 Sentinels offers you countless ways to reach a single end, there are many more ways the more enthusiastic 428 can go disastrously off the rails. It is a wildly ambitious approach to storytelling even today, but especially for a game made in 2008.

You can pick up a digital copy of the game for $9 at the PlayStation Store.. Throughout the duration of their Big in Japan sale 99 will remain on sale. If you’re not convinced yet, there’s a single that will last you a couple of hours and give you a taste of the bizarro magic on offer in the 428 Shibuya Scramble.

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