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Nintendo Direct Time & How to Watch and Tracer leaks DLC 7 Nintendo Smash Bros.



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Min Min was released by the White Lotus one week after her appearance, for example, but assuming the event runs on the shorter side of October 1, the longer exposé of the new character will have to take place at a later date.

It has been three months since Nintendo Min Min as the latest fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announced on Wednesday that game director Masahiro Sakurai would confirm the next competitor very soon. This seems to confirm a rumor from earlier in September that the next fighter would be revealed due to a specific advertisement that expires on October 4.

This news comes mere days after some assumed leaks claimed a beloved character from Overwatch of Blizzard would be the next DLC character added to the game, but could it be true?

Here is everything you need to know about this week’s announcement including when and where you can watch — along with a few exciting possibilities for which character will be confirmed.

How big is the Super Smash Bros. DLC 7 – Ultimate Fighter – Behold!

Official Nintendo Social Media accounts confirmed that Fighter 77 would be published on October 1 at around 10 a.m. Eastern time. It will include a three minute video presentation, likely some kind of cinematic trailer, followed by combat clips featuring the new character.

After that Sakurai himself will deliver a “brief message ” Based on all of this it sounds like this entire presentation will be shorter than 10 minutes long, which is a little surprising.

Similar presentations for and lasted approximately 39 and 35 minutes respectively. Even the presentation for Juli 2019 ran longer than 21 minutes This seems like it could be a character announcement with a more thorough presentation on future issues.

Super Smash Bros. How to watch The ultimate DLC 7 fighter is revealed!

Fans can watch the new fighter announcement over Nintendo’s official (which is also embedded above ).

At right now the title is just †Mr. Sakurai Presents †So there is no telling who it is.

When the Super Smash Bros. is now. Official release date for Ultimate DLC 7 Fighter:

Typically, Sakurai’s fighter-presentation is announced less than 48 hours beforehand and then we get a lengthy appearance showing the new character fully. Within two weeks, the character is published. For instance, Min Min was released one week after her appearance, but assuming the event continues on the shorter side of October 1, the longer exposition of the new character will have to take place at a later date.

The new shows seem a bit different for this particular presentation and character, but there’s still a strong chance that Fighter 77 will be released by mid-October. This actually aligns with our previous predictions.

Tracer is super Smash Bros. from Overwatch Ultimate DLC 7 – Combater?

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