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New Retailer & ESRB Listings Hint Xbox Series S



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Xbox Series S remains unannounced despite having been the subject of numerous reports and leaks. The cheaper alternative to Xbox Series X has even started appearing on official packaging and as such, more breadcrumbs have been discovered that further prove the existence of the unannounced next-generation console.

Earlier today, retailers that were previously listing games for Xbox Series X were spotted to have suddenly started listing games for a new platform labelled Xbox Series. The mention of a new platform is being taken as a clear suggestion that another console besides Xbox Series X exists, which basically means that Microsoft should be officially announcing Xbox Series S in the coming weeks.

Retailers were also not the only ones to be listing games under Xbox Series instead of Xbox Series X. The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has been discovered to be doing the same. Recently rated games have started showing up under Xbox Series as well. It could be an interesting coincidence but more likely, the new labelling just screams Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series S is believed to be the official name of Project Lockhart, which will be a more affordable next-generation option that should launch alongside Xbox Series X this holiday season. Said to be all-digital, the console was recently reported to be sporting a processor faster than PlayStation 5 and which will be clocked equal to Xbox Series X. Microsoft is expected to announce Xbox Series S while confirming the price point of Xbox Series X. The same announcement could well be when pre-orders go live for both next-generation consoles.

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