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Murtisol Air Resistance Rowing Machine Air Rower 10 Level Adjustable Resistance with Smart Monitor for Home Use Reviews



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Price: $569.99
(as of Sep 19,2020 11:18:51 UTC – Details)

Product Description



Why Air Resistance

There are mainly 3 types of rowers existing. Magnetic, Air, and Water. Air Resistance is definitely the best choice. A common problem of magnetic and water resistance rower is that on the first couple of strokes, it is super hard. However with air resistance, there is absolutely no problem like that. The key feature of air resistance is that the less power you stroke, the less resistance you get. With this feature, it will better protect your shoulder and elbow joint.




The smart performance monitor comes with the rower will provide your exercising information at real time. There are 2 programmed exercise method and also heart rate detection. There’s a QR code stick at the back. You can scan the code, download the app and pair your rower to you phone via Bluetooth. Therefore, all your exercising information is there.

Our product can be broke into two parts in order to be stored easily. After disassemble, the floor area it will take is only 3.2 feet square. All you have to do is lift a lid and take the other part off. No tools needed at all.

Our smart performance monitor can easily be rotated. Not only the arms, but also the screen. With that ability, any person can find a comfortable view of the screen while exercising. The arm made by steel will always keep still while exercising






The seat is designed with the natural shape of human’s hip to provide better comfort. The rail is fully made by steel and provide a 500 lb capacity.

The handlebar is made by foam and will create great comfort while exercising. The heart rate detection chip is located in there too. The chain connecting it to the fan is made by steel too and it will provide great feels while stroking.

The footrest is adjustable with the straps. With that, the feet will be locked in the position to better help you exercise in the right pose.

The caster wheels will provide an efficient way of moving. The rubber at the bottom will make the rower hard to move to create better stability while exercising.





Resistance type

Air Resistance

Difficulty Adjustments

10 way

Product Dimensions

98.4 inch * 24.4 inch *44.5 inch

Seat Height

4.6 inch

Area after Fold

3.2 ft square

Heart Rate Detection


Bluetooth Connection


Package Dimensions

56.7 inch * 16.9 inch * 22.0 inch

[EFFECTIVE CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISE] Rowing on Murtisol Air Resistance Rower helps burn calories, build total body strength and improve your heart health. This work-out activates 86% of your body’s muscle and it provides you an efficient way to achieve a stronger, tighter, and healthier body.
[DYNAMIC AIR RESISTANCE] One of the main benefits of air resistance is that it always matches your pace. Row harder if you desire more resistance and ease off if you want less. With that, we also add 10 levels of difficulty when you row. Perfect fit for all kinds of people.
[SMART PERFORMANCE MONITOR] You can always track your work out information on the smart performance monitor. It will offer you options of workout, heart rate detection, and show you the history of work out. Bluetooth is available to so you can track your workout easily on your phone.
[ERGONOMIC DESIGN] 14 inch seat height will make our rower fit more users. Adjustable footrest, large ergonomic seat and handle design, and the oversized rail will offer comfort and stability during your workout routine
[EASY TO STORE] Can easily separate into 2 pieces and it will only covers a floor area of 3.2ft square. There are caster wheels which will make it move places super easy.

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