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More than 170 employees test positive for coronavirus at the meat processing facility.



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She added: “Our team worked tirelessly since the outbreak of the pandemic and reinforced our local Covid-19 contact tracking approach to help identify cases earlier, prevent spread and help people to self-isolate.

At a meat processing plant in Cornwall, more than 170 people have tested positive for coronavirus.

Around 500 employees of Pilgrim Pride Factory were tested for the virus at Pool in Redruth after one worker alerted the Test and Trace app of their own infection.

A public health team reported that most of the cases identified were asymptomatic. A spokesperson for Pilgrim’s Pride LTD said they now have additional measures and will continue to review their compliance with the Covid-19 rules on a daily basis.

From the start, they ve worked tirelessly to do all we can to protect our workforce and the local community.

Our teams have worked extremely hard in collaboration with the local authority and the public health to manage this challenging situation and have conducted themselves with professionalism and integrity while continuing to play their important role in the UK Food Supply Chain.

Rachel Wigglesworth, interim director for public health for Cornwall Council, said they will continue to monitor the situation at the plant and thanked the company for their cooperation.

She added: “Our team has worked tirelessly since the beginning of the pandemic and has reinforced our local Covid-19 contact tracing approach to help detect cases early, prevent spreading and help people to self-isolate.

We have quickly identified and tested hundreds of people and identified people who were not showing symptoms, in which we could have prevented much wider spread in our communities.

The number of coronavirus cases in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly remains relatively low with 31.5 cases per 100,000 people in the week leading up to September 27.

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