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Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Ultimate price, EA Play, xCloud and October 2020 game lists



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Xbox Game Pass for Console lets you download and play games on the Xbox One and soon Xbox Series X and S. There’s also Xbox Game Pass for PC, giving Windows 10 users access to tons of games – some exclusive to the PC – like Crusader Kings 3

The Xbox Secret Weapon headed into the next generation of gaming is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Often referred to as “Netflix for games” (netflix for games) this subscription service allows members to download and play any game that is part of the service across multiple devices. As the service continues to expand its library with the addition of EA Play, Microsoft acquiring Bethesda and the imminent launch of Xbox Series X and S, it can be a challenge to explain how Xbox Game Pass functions.

If this is the case for you, here is all that you need to know about the service, including the platforms to which you can access it on, how much it costs, the available games and much more.

What are the various Xbox Game Pass subscription options?

Technically, there are three different versions of the Xbox Game Pass subscription that are available.

First is, there will give you access to the subscription on platforms such as Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. PC players might choose this, which has a slightly different selection of games available on the PC.

Those who would like both of those plus some other bonuses should instead consider Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which comes with Xbox Live Gold, all versions of Game Pass (including mobile) and later this year also the EA Play game subscription service.

What platforms is Xbox Game Pass able to use?

Xbox Game Pass for Console lets you download and play games on the Xbox One and soon Xbox Series X and S. There’s also Xbox Game Pass for PC, which gives Windows 10 users access to tons of games – some of them exclusive to the PC – like Crusader Kings 3.

The Xbox Game Pass app for Android has finally included Microsoft Project xCloud subscription service and lets Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users play over 100 games via the cloud. All of these titles are adapted for console or PC from Game Pass and Minecraft Dungeons also offers screen controls tailored for mobile devices.

The most important thing to consider is that you do not need an Xbox console to use Xbox Game Pass when you can use PC or Android.

What are the price of the Xbox Game Pass subscriptions?

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is currently $15.99 a month. It is expensive but covers all versions of Xbox Game Pass as well as EA Play that will be added to the subscription in late 2020. For anyone new to Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft offers a special monthly rate of $1. If you are curious about game passes, it is cheap enough to try it at least.

For those who know that they wish to use Game Pass only on a specific platform, Game Pass for console and PC is individually $9.99.

Which games come in October on Xbox Game Pass?

Microsoft has confirmed all of the games that we can expect to experience during the first half of October. Highlights include Bethesda’s critically acclaimed Doom Eternal from earlier this year and Double Fine’s cult classic Brutal Legend (Deadline Edition) featuring Jack Black.

  • Doom Eternal – 1 October for console and mobile

Next week, more games will likely be added in the month.

What games were left on Xbox Game Pass in October?

While several games will be available this month, several titles will also leave on October 15:

  • Drake Hollow — 1 October for Game Pass for PC
  • Brutal Legend — 8 October for consoles
  • Forza Motorsport 7 — October 8 for all Xbox Game Pass platforms.
  • Ikenfell— October 8 for console and PC
    • The Reaper for console and PC.

    If you want to continue playing one of these games, you can purchase it at a discounted rate of 20 percent before it leaves the Xbox Game Pass. If you do so, your saved data from when you played it as part of Xbox Game Pass will still keep going over.

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