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Mariah Carey’s Egos and Emotions get In The Way Before My Crazy Nick Cannon Divorce!



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Related: Mariah Carey revealed that her sister tried to sell her to a pistachio at the age of 12 Reflecting on the messy divorce of the couple — which took almost two years after Nick initially filed in 2014 — Mariah wrote that Nick and I could have worked it out between the two of us but egos and emotions were inflamed (which can actually translate into many billable hours of work – and that eventually it did ).

It would be impossible for Mariah Carey to share her life story without diving back into the chapter with her ex husband and oaf-girlfriend, Nick Cannon!

As you probably know, the 50-year-old singer turned author has been promoting and sharing excerpts from her new memoir The Meaning of Mariah Carey, which was officially released on Tuesday. In addition to shocking stories from her early childhood, storied career and first marriage to the music producer Tommy Mottola, the book takes a deeply personal look at the star’s six-year marriage to the wild n’ out host.

Related: Mariah Carey revealed that her sister attempted to sell her to a pistachio at the age of 12

Reflecting on the messy divorce of the couple — which took almost two years after Nick originally filed in 2014 — Mariah wrote:

I personally think Nick and I could have worked it out between the two of us, but egos and emotions got inflamed (which can translate into many billable law firm hours, and it did eventually). It was tough. We both wanted to make sure that all was cool for our family. We will always be the family and we make it work.”

As you probably recall, Carey and Cannon welcomed the twins Moroccan and Monroe Carey, 9, during their time together, and as we’ve seen with other divorced Hollywood couples who shared children *ahem Brangelina ahem* it can often be challenging AND costly to get on the same page about child maintenance needs.

But long before the end of their relationship, the Mimi artist reflected on falling in love with the 39-year-old entertainer and his “perpetual teenage spirit” she credited for her interest in becoming a mother :

“Our desire to have children became a force of nature and our marriage became so quick.”

She also shared what it was like to meet Cannon at the Teen Choice Awards in 2005 after he presented her with an award. She also noted that she had already heard that the actor had “all these nice things” to say about her :

“With a genuine beaming smile and a flame in his eyes, he replied: “If you give me a chance, I will prove all is true.” A cute moment — absolutely.

I think they are awww. That is pretty adorable! Many people were surprised by this pairing when they got together – but now we know it was the super smooth talking that really sealed the deal here! Despite their previous marriage to Mottola in the 1990s, Mariah wrote that “the power dynamics felt even” between us and that the Nickelodeon star “felt safe” to her.

She added the following :

He was a good guy. He was faith-based. He was ambitious. He had worked for a long time in the entertainment industry so he saw the madness of it. He paid attention to me.”

It’s nice to hear that she can look back on this romantic adventure with fond memories, even though it didn’t last forever. Since then, the ex-husbands have found a way to remain friendly and even occasionally spend time with their children.

As far as Tell-all Memoirs go, this is honestly one of the nicest stories we have heard about divorced! Sometimes the pen can become a sword and cut into word about the past and that would have been the cherry on top of an already challenging year for Nick, who was under fire in July for making anti-Semitic comments.

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