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Mafalda: her rebellion, friends and a phrase



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In addition to the constant battle in the soup, “Raquel” deeply regrets that the race was abandoned – a memory that comes back as her regret due to the comments of “Mafalda”.

The phrases of the woman of “Mafalda”, who created “Quino” 56 years ago have never lost their validity. This week morning, its creator died. The character saw the light in the strip of the magazine “Primera Plana”, which was no less mythical than her.

A valid as few others, critical as in those critical years of Cold War in which he grew up and convinced crowds, “Mafalda” continues to speak against the war, against the lack of common sense, against the incongruities of the elderly and against this world he denies. Like when he said that: “Well…are we coming to be born in this one?”

Mafalda’s creator Lee Died

Issues where its creator was represented. In 1964, the strip was first published and translated into more than 30 languages.

The Quino family and his most famous character continued to get awards throughout the year. Nothing is better than to remember him through his words or with that desperate cry of “End the World, I want to get off”

Her childlike figure is an icon of humor and rebellion throughout the world where it was heard and read

It is not true that each past time was better. What happened was that those who were worse hadn’t even realised it? — The characters « Malda », always a dreamer of peace, sees it as distant from one.

His love of peace, the Beatles and human dignity are only second to his indignation about soup.

Dad, middle class, passionate and love his plants, in an endless battle against the ants. You often suffer from her curiosity and uncomfortable questions. “Raquel” is a mother and housewife.

In addition to the constant battle in the soup, “Raquel” regrets deeply that the race was abandoned – a memory that still resurfaces to her regret due to the comments of “Mafalda”. “Felipe” is a committed lover, admirer of the heroism of “The Lone Ranger” and professional declutterer.

He is a bit stubborn and the son of the manolos owner and his everlasting publicist who has always aimed to expand this small business.

The only character that sustained explicit parental violence, sometimes used by ‘Quino’ to comment on child violence. Susanita, friend of Mafalda, but on opposing grounds. She always wants to have little children and a husband, she fear deep down that this husband will end up being Manolito.

Miguelito ”, the youngest, lettuce hairs, arrogant and sometimes incomprehensible, even for „ Mafalda ”.

Libertad, a friend who rarely appears. She is the last to join the group, which is convinced of democracy and freedom, as her name says. The younger brother, « Guille », was irreverent, witty and unlike his soup-loving sister.

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