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Mackenzie Standifer is in denial about her husband’s drug addiction.



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Mackenzie Standifer, a teenage mom OG star, is in denial about her husband Ryan Edwards drug addiction and substance abuse problems.

Mackenzie Standifer, a Teen Mom OG-Star, is in denial about her husband Ryan Edwards’drug addiction and substance abuse issues. Edwards was arrested for causing his probation to violate a previous heroin possession. The OG-teen mom’s father was forced to receive treatment after falling asleep at the wheel on the way to his wedding with Standifer.

“Mackenzie is in total denial of Ryan’s drug addiction and the issues surrounding how very serious it is truely. Mackenzie wants to concentrate only on the baby and seems to be hoping that this will help him live a clean and sober life.

As any addict would do, Ryan denies the severity of addiction, and Mackenzie chooses to believe him”, said the source.

Edwards shared his experience about his treatment program and said: “A little over 30 days ago I made the decision to enroll myself into a rehabilitation facility. Now I am doing well home and life would not be better. This would have not be possible without the help of my wife and parents. Thank you all for your blessings.”

Sources also shared that Edwards’sobriety was a cause of concern at the Teen Mom OG reunion. “There was real concern for Ryan’s sobriety at the reunion and he was urged by the people near the show off-camera to get further treatment but refused. There is a genuine and real fear that Ryan could die from his drug addiction. ”

It is also reported that Maci Bookout and her husband Taylor McKinney filed for temporary orders of protection against Ryan after allegedly threatening them. The order of protection is expected to remain in force until Ryan’s next court appearance.

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