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Lucifer Season 5 Part 2: Netflix Release Date & Everything We Know So Far



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Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 Updates, If you haven’t gushed over Tom Ellis’s aka Lucifer’s jacked body and looks at least once, then you are no fan of him. This was originally a Fox production which debuted on Netflix is based on the DC comic character under the same name where the amorous Devil abandoning hell was followed up by some thriller content and untwisting of knots as the mystery pursues.

It continued through 4 seasons before hitting a bump in the road when Netflix dropped on us that it’s S5 will be split into 2 parts, keeping us in suspense after it ended snappishly with a major turn in the first installment of the season. So this a news to catch up to for the eager fans that the second part is on the way.

Release Date Of Lucifer Season 5 Part 2

Netflix has not teased us with any official premiere date yet but might be headed for an early to mid-2021 release.

Reports flashed in the next half of Sept 2019 that the production had advanced covering the finishing of S5  well into the starting of S6 and went on a pause midway in this Covid-19 outbreak. So this surely digs out the fact that this season is not the end of this series.

A musical episode revealed at the DC Fandom this Sept is believed to be the opener to the second half of this season, as did the first half with a noir episode.

Cast Of The Show

Undoubtedly Tom Ellis will be back for the role ‘Lucifer Morningstar’, Lauren German for that of ‘Chloe Decker’. Actors Inbar Lavi will be back for ‘Eve’ while Lesley Ann-Brandt takes on her  ‘Maze’.However new faces like Debbie Gibson will star as ‘Shelly Britner’, and  Matthew Bohrer as a new character,’Donovan Glover’.

Plot Of Lucifer Season 5 Part 2

The midseason finale left us with Lucifer’s fighting Maze and Amenadiel’s grapple with Michael before ‘God’ showing up to break it off.

We are yet to see Maze’s demon face, Michael’s plan for Lucifer, and other twists awaiting us as the storyline takes up from the built-up tension in the earlier part of S5. Also, we got the hilarious gag reels of S4  while we wait for the next one.

We will be back with more updates for you as bigger information gets released about the rest of the part.

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