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Lorraine Kelly explodes into an emotional rant about Kate Garraway’s “hell” as she slams London protests.



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Lorraine Kelly slugged today during her breakfast show in an emotional rant over Kate Garraway.

The host was faced with pictures of the anti-lockdown protests that took place this weekend in London, with police force to block the demonstrations in Trafalgar Square.

And while she was talking to Dr Hilary Jones the presenter could not help but mention Kate’s situation where her husband Derek Draper remains in hospital after being diagnosed with coronavirus.

It would be like for these people to walk through or be a fly on the wall in the Intensive Care Unit, where we have 180 people on ventilators, we have exhausted staff

What is the point in going out on a Thursday night and cheering for the NHS when you are going to show behavior like that?

And Lorraine agreed, as she fumed: ‘Wouldn’t you want Kate Garraway to have a conversation with them and tell them about what they have to go through with her husband?

It was simply ridiculous and terribly irresponsible.

It comes after Dr Hilary today questioned the UK Government on the show and whether or not they should be withdrawn during the battle against Covid-19.

He said: ‘Young people are affected by this, babies are affected by this not prominently, but they are.

The expert expressed the slams of street parties that emerged when people were kicked out of the pubs following the 10pm curfew and said: ‘They have no imagination?

It is worrying because most people adhere to the sensible rules and regulations, and others seem to care about it.

I don’t know what you do about this in a democracy — if you were in Russia or China, I know what would happen

Lorraine was quick to spit — We don’t want to go down this road.

Kate’s husband Derek was rushed to the hospital with coronavirus in March, where he was soon in a coma.

The virus has left a devastating affect on his body while he has managed to battle the disease, leaving a father of two diabetic with kidney failure, while the doctors recently discovered that Derek’s liver and heart and blood vessels have also been affected.

Lorraine keeps on ITV at 9am Mondays.

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