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Limited rundown of Crown Tundra’s release date, trailer, and Pokédex reveals



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The story of The Crown Tundra is not just about the titular locale. After you complete the story in The Crown Tundra, you can take part in a tag team event named Galarian Star.

The pokédex of Pokémon Sword and Shield was considered missing when it was first published, but the ongoing DLC is determined to change that. The first DLC, Isle of Armor, brought back more than 100 Pokémon from Poké purgatory. The Crown Tundra, which is expected to arrive later this year, promises to add more poké-flyers and an all-new setting. Other additions could be the return of long-forgotten Pokémon mechanics.

Here is all that we know about Pokémon Sword and Shield DLC to come, The Crown Tundra.

When is the release date of the Pokémon – Crown Tundra?

The crown tandra will be available on October 22nd, 2020 for owners of Pokémon Sword and Shield expansion passes.

Is there a Pokémon trailer for Crown Tundra?

Yes! Watch it below

In the trailer we see the new legendary Calyrex that is a grass/psychic – type Pokémon and icy plains to explore. The exploring bug seems to not stop at ice-covered locations; the trailer also displays lush landscapes with light snowfall, exemplifying level diversity in The Crown Tundra. This all falls in line with the DLC-specific theme of exploration. We see also four players set synchronized and running toward a light.

The base game of the sword and shield lets you interact with ghosts in the overworld of other players to earn items. Crown Tundra is expected to allow players to explore Pokémon dens – maybe this is our first glimpse of that in action.

In the trailer we can also see new and old legendary Pokémon, showing that this will be DLC for you if your living dex does not have a mascot.

The trailer ends with a peek at the Galar Star Tournament, a new mode in which you can join forces with your favorite allies from Sword and Shield for the most fan-fictional battles imaginable.

On September 29th, also Nintendo and The Pokémon Company released a new trailer.

In it, we get a closer look at gameplay elements and some of the new environments that will be seen when the new expansion is released.

What is the story in the crown tune DLC?

In The Crown Tundra you’re transported to a sleety area filled with new characters. You’ll meet a fellow named Peony, who has long tried to explore the area. He puts you in charge of his operation as his Expedition Chief.

You will encounter many legendary Pokémon from past games on your journey to explore the new domain. Also you will explore Pokémon – Dens and take you on co-op adventures. The previous DLC Isle of Armor suggests that Sonia might appear in the Crown Tundra.

Then on the island of Armor, you encounter, Hop. He’s coming to the island as Sonia’s laboratory assistant to do some research. Hop describes uphandedly that Sonia herself is currently exploring an icy tundra somewhere. We can only presume this is the Crown Tundra.

The story of The Crown Tundra isn’t just about the titular locale ; After you complete the story in The Crown Tundra, you can take part in a tag team tournament called Galarian Star. In the tourney, you will interact with Pokémon Sword and Shield trainers across the whole Pokémon world, including both DLCs.

What legendary Pokémon return in the crown – Tundra?

According to the Updated Expansion Pass Video, all the Pokémon that appeared in the main series prior will return in The Crown Tundra DLC. The presentation also displayed a graphic displaying every return Legendary Pokémon Pokémon

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