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Lance Bass reminisces Justin Timberlake’s funny food stunt on Joey Fatone



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*NSYNC was founded in 1995 and went on to publish a number of popular songs, including Bye Bye , It’s Gonna Be Me and Space Cowboy to name a few.

*NSYNC founded in 1995 and went on to release a number of popular songs, including ‘Bye Bye Bye,” ‘It’s Gonna Be Me” and ‘Space Cowboy’ to name just a few.

In 2002, however, Timberlake left the band and the group went on a ‘temporary hiatus’.

Bass said that neither me and the guys were on any bad terms at all. “It just goes on and you have more interests and you have to concentrate on your careers and it’s great. I was most disappointed in the things not Justin leaving the band. It’s that our entire team, our label, our management, all that they knew. They knew that he was gone for three years before telling me. So for three years I’ve sat there and been making preparations for a new album as everybody else knows that we’re moving on”

Bass said he had even rejected other chances before the band split, including a sitcom. “There’s all kinds of stuff that I really wanted to do and focus on but I knew I could not because my first committment was *NSYNC”, he said. Like it was my life.

As he continued to say it: “It would have been nice to kind of to set up a little better before going out alone.”

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