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Kylie Jenner shares pic of Stormi Webster drooling with A $12,000 Hermès Backpack.



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For a kid who received her first Chanel bag on her first birthday as a gift from DJ Kahled, we should probably expect nothing less.

At a time when millions of Americans face unemployment and huge medical debt, it appears that the number of babies with expensive designer bags is also growing inexplicably.

Kyle Jenner posted some pretty images of her daughter Stormi Webster on the first day of school. In a sweet Instagram video, the little girl cheered in excitement for her first day while dad Travis Scott watched him.

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But the 2-year-old sported a very controversial accessory in another IG Storyshot from Kylie :

Yep… that’s a Hermès bag that the baby is carrying for $12,000. And that’s only home for preschool – we can’t imagine what couture she’ll be wearing by the time she hits middle school!

One IG commenter accurately wrote:

The only clothes your clothes are more expensive than my house are”

For a kid who received her first Chanel bag as a gift from DJ Kahled on her first birthday, we should probably expect nothing less.

Another 2-year-old made headlines this year for receiving a Birkin bag – culturale Kiari, the daughter of Cardi B and Offset. The WAP rapper who smiles about her daughter’s drip on her IG page has defended the choice. She said it follows:

The kids are concerned only about toys and candy. The thing is that children go also outside. Kids go to restaurants; kids go to fancy places. Celebrity children, they go do red carpets And if I fly and dadmys fly, then so is the kid also. If I wear Cha-nay-nay, my child has the same thing. It’s not up to what the children like. If it were kids, they would be swaddled inside in diapers. No, if I were looking like a bad bitch, expensive bitch, and I had my child looking like a bum bum, then y’all would be talking s***t! She gonna do mommy!

Despite the fact that Stormi (and likely the rest of the KarJenner generation) is living a life of luxury many people could only imagine, the rest of her school day seemed more relatable. The toddler took part in some arts and crafts and what looked like a cooking project.

OMG PLEASE SHARE that she did not get anything on the bag!

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Stormi is to us a wonderful watcher of school – but we doubt she needed the designer drip to benefit her education.

Have U some thought about Perezcious readers? Are baby Birkins a sign that the rich are going too far? Or is it okay to build up the collection of your kid before they know how to read? Don’t forget to share in the comments (below) your thoughts.

[Image via WENN/Avalon / Kylie Jenner/Instagram

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