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Kylee Evans Wiki bio, age, net worth, married, income, family, children



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When you know a comedian, you know that he will not leave you drained in his company.

And if you are married to any, you can rest assured that the rest of your life will be fun.

Kylee Evans and her partner love to laugh have guaranteed laughs for a lifetime.

Kylee Evans, a blond beauty with a big sense of humor, was born in Canada.

Her hometown is the city of Stellarton in Nova Scotia province, Canada.

She currently lives in Toronto, within Niagara neighbourhood where she came from King area.

Kylee Evans has been married to her colleague, Sandy Jobin-Bevans, since 2008.

The couple have yet no children.

But she is very close to her two daughters – the sons of her older sister Khea.

The exact date of wedding of Kylee Evans is not known, and since women are not supposed to ask how old they are, we can assume that this handsome actress is at the beginning of the fifth decade, as is 46 now.

Despite looking much younger than her age.

Kylee graduated from the Stellarton High School, where she grew up.

At the same time, she was a member of the drama club and took part in school activities.

She later enrolled at the Western University in Ontario, where she graduated with a Bachelors in Music, voice performance courses.

The love story of the gorgeous Kylee Evans and her married Sandy is pretty unusual.

The actress noticed her current husband when she was on a date with her ex-boyfriend in 2004.

That was on the stage of Second City in Toronto, where Sandy ran.

Evidently, his charisma attracted Kylee to that which never approached him with disdain after the show.

In her own words she saw she would “write.” Kylee Evans and her husband had a rather harmonious relationship without any affair.

However, their first date went badly.

The two went to Horse Race Track where they staked and lost almost all of their money.

They laugh at this story today.

This couple travel is a shared passion so that they use their free time to visit exotic destinations.

They even spent four months on a cruise ship where they perform together.

It helped them improve their understanding of each other and strengthen the relationship.

The relationship became more and more serious so Kylee and Sandy decided to marriage after 7 years.

The romantic, intimate wedding was billed as held by their closest relatives on September 17th, 2011 at the Pictou Lodge Beach Resort, Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada

For a long time they seem to have time of their lives together as they are not only emotionally, but also an ‘entrepreneur’ partner.

As a very talented girl, this native Canadian knew that she would eventually excel in the world of show business.

Kylee’s acting roots are related to the operatic scheme.

Kylee though quickly found out that theatre is her passion besides singing.

Eventually she became one of the most sought-after actresses in musicals.

She had notable ad campaigns in “Little Shop of Horrors,” “Evil Dead: The Musical” and “Legally Blonde”. In 2013 she was also introduced in Broadway World as Elle in “Legally Blonde.”

She was first recognized as actress.

So far in regards to the film screen, Kylee has had some minor roles in some comedy movies.

In the TV shows she mainly did.

So she officially began her television career in 2006 with an episodic role in the mix of drama and comedy “Billable Hours.” After a break from TV appearances and concentrating on theatre, Kylee re-activated in 2014, with the kids’ TV show “The Stanley Dynamic” Soon she got a role in the TV drama “Good Witch”, which currently continues its fifth season.

Kylee Evans was recognized by the role of Stefanie Borden, a lovely bar owner in their own endless quest for love.

For the television the Kylee and Sandy appear to be compatible too.

Kylee is the first concert series produced with Boys in 2013 in the book “Life with Boys”.

Her husband played one of the biggest roles in the game.

They both appeared as guest hosts on the Ron James Show at CBC, and on a game show titled Deal or No Deal.

Kylee is a rising star in the world of comedy. Her husband Sandy is a multi-time – Multi – Winner – Composer.

These two look like a winning combination for the producers of the family TV series “.”

For the 2018 they are co-hosting this exciting project where families are competing for the prize.

The competitors will face three challenges in the round and they should show how well they know each other.

And this witty duo keeps this show even more enjoyable with its wonderful humor.

Kylee Evans is a promising TV star who is actively involved in many show industry fields as actress, television host, guest host etc.

These sources of income are sufficient for her luxury life.

Kylee is still unknown in terms of her salary and also as her Net Worth, but there is no doubt that both will expand en masse in the future.

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