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Kaley Cuoco thought she would never marry again after her ex-husband Ryan Sweeting destroyed the word for her.



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Kaley shared about her new found love, saying: “I just knew that I had to be patient..I had to go through a lot of things but it brought me to Karl” So Kaley admitted that her first marriage was troublesome and felt that he would never marry again.

While Kaley Cuoco’s ‘Bing Bang Theory’graced the cover of the Cosmopolitan US in June, she candidly opened up about her troubled erstwhile marriage with the former tennis player Ryan Sweeting.

In December 2013 she married Ryan Sweeting but separated 21 months later. The actress, who is 32 years old, revealed that her marriage to Sweeting ruined the word ”Made”.

Their story began when they were introduced by mutual friends in 2013 and married in Santa Susana, California, three months after this engagement.

When asked about the fast pace, Cuoco said to Entertainment Tonight: “We grew up with the same people that we just never met. Also I kind of feel that I know him my whole life.”

Unfortunately, she says that after the wedding his personality took a turn and Cuoco found herself not really knowing who she married.

Kaley filed for divorce and cited irreconcilable differences and his divorce was finalized in May 2016. She said to Cosmopolitan: “I married a person who changed completely for the first time. The person with whom I ended up wasn’t the person I originally met”

Kaley said the divorce was not her fault, because she knew how much she had to give and how much she wanted to receive. But after the divorce was finalised in the autumn of the same year, she met her current fiance, equestrian Karl Cook.

Kaley spoke about her new found love: “I just knew I had to be patient..I had to go through a lot of things but it brought me to Karl”

So Kaley admitted that since her first marriage was troublesome and had felt that he would never get married again. But last year Karl reintroduced her on her 32nd birthday on November 30th.

And she said yes.

Kaley is the second highest-paid actress on television, behind Sofia Vergara of Modern Family. According to Forbes, Kaley earns $1 million of the Big Bang Theory with an annual income of $26 million / episode.

On Big Bang Theory, Kaley plays Penny and has been on the show since 2007

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