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John Huddles Discusses Boon on the Moon — The Children’s Book Review



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Written by John Huddles The Moon and Boon is a well-thought-out sci-fi novel that is authentically futuristic and is bound to appeal to space-loving kids and those who love an exciting adventure.

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John Huddles is a screenwriter and director based in Los Angeles. In the first book from The Booniverse, Boon On The Moon, John extends his love for sci-fi/fantasy into storytelling for the page instead of the screen. He contacted us to chat about the story, his writing process and the entertaining characters. Read on!

Our hearts would love to hear the inspiration behind your sci-fi space adventure novel for kids, Boon on the Moon.

John Huddles: Space, danger and snacks My favorite recipe with three ingredients.

Boon on the Moon is a well-plotted sci-fi novel that feels authentically futuristic and will certainly appeal to space-afforded kids and those who love an exhilarating adventure. Who would you consider the ideal audience for your book?

There’s no hiding behind literary fashion in children’s storytelling. Kids either like what you wrote or don’t like it. It’s an equation as solid as E=MC2 I have enjoyed the binary nature of the challenge.

The novel is set on the Moon, Arizona and in China. Do you have personal connections to either site? Warum Arizona and the Moon?

Both places I have not been to yet, but I’d like to visit both.

You’ve managed to pack a story that’s both imaginative and informative, with something for everyone with a broad range of concepts and themes such as a little romance, science, philosophy and fireworks. Have you written and planned the story to include most of these storytelling elements? Or they found their way into the tale as you wrote it?

Können you tell us more about the emphasis throughout the story on the theme of ‘imagination versus information ‘?

They are both key ingredients to problem solving in life : the only question is to get the ratio right. That is Byron’s challenge.

The relationship between Byron almost ten years old and his nice-two-shoes and know-it-all robot is so fun. Was their back and forth chatter one of your favorite parts to write?

It was definitely my favorite part to write. Similar to their tussle is rivalry on one side of the coin, but sympathy on the other side. That makes it both fun and meaningful. What I find the most rewarding is trying to come up with something

Byron’s girly brother Taji adds another element of pizzazz to the story. Remind us a little about how you settled his backstory

Taji is the opposite of Byron in lots of ways : in the arts and sciences, as different as chocolate and broccoli, tall and short. But the brothers know that they are friends for life — that is what I like about their relationship.

How would you say that a screenwriter and director helped you by sharing this experience in your creative process in writing Boon on the Moon?

Script writing concentrates the mind on the essentials: character, plot, dialogue If you practice it enough, you learn to write the editorial skills to combust a story from its core assets. For me, this process is valuable in transferring to the fiction writing. After that, it is also easier to see where there is space to perambulate when the process is completed.

Du bist a Lost in Space fan with the Boy-Bob-Robot combo? If so, have you recently watched the latest Netflix series? If not, perhaps you could share some of your favorite space books and movies?

As a kid, I watched and liked “Lost In Space” in reruns. But as you know, boy – robot pairing was very congenial. I didn’t think with Byron and José Ignacio boy/robot as much as boy/best friend slash-frenemy José Ignacio is more a boy rather than a mechanical creature, although in a robot’s framework.

Est requisistible your new you to share with us about Boon on the Moon, your writing or yourself?

I look forward to Byron’s continuing space adventures. In the episode ‘Boon On The Moon’, Byron had to rescue the Earth from destruction. Byron has to save the galaxy from the end of his next adventure. It’s a huge job.

Written by John Huddles

The Moon and Boon is a well-planned sci-fi novel that is authentically futuristic and will surely appeal to space-obsessed kids and those who love an exhilarating adventure.

ISBN: 978-0997085181 | Publisher: Noted Kids Publishing

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This interview was conducted between John Huddles and Bianca Schulze – John Huddles Talks Boon on the Moon. Follow our books and articles for similar books and articles tagged with Books about the Moon, Middle Grade Books, Science Fiction, Space Exploration and Space Travel

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