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Jennifer Aniston admits she has thought about leaving Hollywood.



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The alleged project that almost expels Jennifer Aniston from Hollywood is unknown but it must be taken into account that in recent years and before the Apple TV+ series that brought her back to the small screen, the actress acted only in three films: The Yellow Birds (2017), Dumplin (2018) and Criminals at Sea (2019). Netfix film he shares with Adam Sandler became the most watched film on the platform because it was seen by 31 million people in just three days.

Not all stars remain forever in that bubble of happiness that gives them success, fame and recognition. If not, tell Jennifer Aniston, who revealed to Hollywood after almost 30 years in the industry that she was about to leave Hollywood now. The fault was an “unfinished project” of which she has not revealed more details but which caused her to turn herself upside down and made her reconsider her profession. “I must admit that in the last two years this idea has gone through my mind and it had never occurred before to me,” said the actress in an interview with him. SmarLess podcast is available at

Then he commented that all that happened before he started with The Morning Show, the series he co-hosts with Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carrell and for which he has won a Golden Globe nomination and a SAG award. Asked about what she would have dedicated herself to if she had renounced acting, the 51-year-old actress says that is interior design. I love it and I have a great time.

The alleged project that nearly expelled Jennifer Aniston from Hollywood is unknown, but it must be taken into account that in recent years and before the Apple TV+ series that returned her to the small screen, the actress only acted in three films: The Yellow Birds (2017), Dumplin’s (2018) and Criminals at sea (2019), the Netfix film he shares the limelight with Adam Sandler and became the most watched film on the platform because it was seen in just three days by 31 million people.

Within the interview, Aniston also reveals some nice words to her partner, with whom she has spoken in other roles such as on the 2011 comedy Follow the Roll. “I always love shooting with him – he was funny – and we have known each other since we were 19 years old” For the actress, this film ranks second in her best roles, in which drama also shines out. In 2014 he received Nominations for the SAG and Golden Globes. And sure it coincides with the public that his best character says that it will always be that of Rachel in the hit Friends series. I would have to say that this is Number 1 without a doubt.

Although it is a role that places him on the brink and catapults him to fame, actresses have considered it at some time a kind of slab that was hard to remove. As revealed in June to The Hollywood Reporter, Aniston fought for “a long time” for the industry to see her as something different from “that girl who lived in the New York apartment with the purple walls” I couldn’t get Rachel Green off my back for long enough. She couldn’t escape the typical Rachel’s’ I was like ” Stop playing this show for the fucking time! He said then and acknowledged that through the 2002 Independent Film The Good Girl, she had never really “shed” her Rachel Persona, which was a “loud relief”. But I recall the panic that overflowed over me, thinking, Oh god, I don’t know if I can do this. They are probably right ” he added.

His path in the industry has Nevertheless, remained beyond the famed television series and now focuses his career on the success of The Morning Show, where she also serves as Executive Producer. During her interview with the podcast SmarLess, Aniston also revealed that she would like to make more direction in the future, since she ‘likes it fully’. A job in which he has already tried his luck with a couple of shorts films.

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