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Jean-Pierre Cage hits’s ‘Mandy’red carpet in stylish gold jacket along with son and daughter-in-law.



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An official description for the horror film reads : “Somewhere in the primal wilderness near Shadow Mountains in 1983 Red Miller fell deeply in love with the ridiculous Mandy Bloom.”

Nicolas Cage has had a difficult relationship with his son Weston Coppola Cage. It looked to have worsened when the 27-year-old former eye of Noctum frontman faced jail time for leading authorities in a car chase while driving under the influence. Nicolas’ child from his relationship with actress Christina Fulton had also been arrested twice before for domestic violence while he was married to the first wife Nikki Williams.

It looks like the couple has done it all with Weston in the screening of his father’s upcoming action horror film ‘Mandy’ on Tuesday at Beyond Fest in Hollywood.

At the screening, the 54-year-old ”National Treasure ” actor stepped up the style and was seen at the Egyptian Theatre in red-tinted shades and a gold jacket. Nicolas finished his outfit with black leather pants and an assortment of chunky gold rings.

Weston was at the screening with his wife Hila Aronian; the couple tied the knot in a country estate near Los Angeles in May of this year.

Nicolas’ latest film will see him as Red Miller alongside Andrea Riseborough Mandy Bloom. An official description for the horror film reads “Somewhere in the primal wilderness near the Shadow Mountains in 1983, Red Miller fell deep in love with the ludicrous Mandy Bloom.”

It continues, “However, the life he made for himself suddenly comes to a grinding halt when a vile band of violent cultists and supernatural creatures inflict vicious fury on his idyllic home. A broken man, Red lives now for a single thing – to hunt these maniac villains and to exact swift revenge,”

Weston has had difficulty with the law multiple times. The most recent one saw him tackled with a DUI charge as well as two charges of hitting and run. According to the Daily Mail, the 27-year-old had come into a collision while on his way home in February and had exchanged insurance information with the other driver. Eventually he decided to drive from the scene before the police arrived.

He then led them on a crazy chase through the Los Angeles San Fernando Valley that ended with his car crash into a tree. He had hit several mailboxes and a stop sign in his attempt to escape and was later incarcerated on three-year probation. He was also required to complete a three-month alcohol program and fined over his numerous charges.

Mandy’premiered to a huge critical reception at the Sundance Film Festival in 2018 and is currently scheduled to be released by RLJE Films on September 14.

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