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Jason Alexander revealed his role in Pretty Woman to people who hatred him



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“It was a unique situation because when I received [Pretty Woman] I understood full well that the director did not want me,” Alexander said.

Jason Alexander is reflecting on the film role that brought people to hate him.

The 61-year-old Seinfeld actor is talked about appearing as Philip Stuckey with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in the iconic 1990 film Pretty Woman.

He spoke on the podcast At Home With The Creative Coalition with Robin Bronk: “I was known around the world as the ahole who tried to rape Julia Roberts so women hated me. It was a habit that I would walk down the street and women would mean to me mean things.

In the scene, Alexander’s character tries to take advantage of Roberts character Vivian. Shortly after that, Gere’s character Edwards jumps to her rescue and punches him in the face.

Alexander discussed how that has actually happened in real life once the film was published.

“I was hit many times. I was spit on by a woman It was a tough year,” he said.

The actor also joked that he was not the first choice for the role of Director Gary Marshall.

“It was a unique situation because when I received [Pretty Woman], I understood fully that the director did not want me,” Alexander said. Garry Marshall had not asked what I was.

He added: “I had auditioned for him. He was very sweet. He basically said: “You are too young. You are too baby-faced. You are too little. There were others he tried to get and I don’t know why, but they couldn’t make a deal… I got the part because they could’t make a deal with the actor they wanted and they were desperate.”

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