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India Celebrates its 1st National Unemployment Day



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On Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 70th Birthday, Indian Youth decided to celebrate it’s in a different way. Since the current pandemic starts businesses all over the world suffered very badly including in India. More than 200 million lost their jobs & according to the UN’s International Labour Organization (ILO) report more than 100 million Indians could be pushed into poverty if they don’t get enough support from the government

Mr Modi promised more than 200 millions job per year to the Indian youth in his election campaign. but in the current scenario, more than 200 million lost their job. Opposition parties in India come together to criticise the delay in the Civil services & Government jobs. According to the reports, there are many pending exams for many government jobs since 2018. The process of getting a government job in India is very hard because most of the time either exam or posting got delayed.

National Unemployment Day 2020

It all started with Social media movement back in August when students are very angry because of the delays. Since then many national & regional parties join the movement including India’s main opposition leader Rahul Gandhi. Today he asked the government some question why there are only very few vacancies let whereas applicants are 50 times more.

Ex-President of INC

National Unemployment Day 2020 is a message to the government form the youth on Prime minister’s 70th birthday. There are more than 2.5 million tweets on the hashtag #NationalUnemploymentDay. it is trending #2 in India for last 14 hours.


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