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In return win over Patchy Mix, Juan Archuleta claims a vacant bantamweight title.



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Another pair of archuleta combinations combined One last before the end of the round FanSided took the round 10-9 archuleta to 38-38 archuleta in total arrtueta should begin with One — Two.

Juan Archuleta’s body shots lead to a title rematch and cameback victory over Patchy Mix.

With the victory, Archuleta claimed the Bellator bantamweight title, which had been vacant since Nov. 27 when Kyoji Horiguchi dropped the title due to injury. This also marks Mix’s first loss in professional MMA.

Archuleta said in his post-fight interview : “Oh my god! “My family deserves it. My teammates deserve it. My country…they deserve it. Their combat spirit is in me.”

Here’s how the battle played out:

Juan Archuleta vs Patchy Mix round 1

One to two to start from Archuleta. Mix with a front kick. Archuleta circling outside. Archuleta misses an overhand and mixes Take him to the fence. Mix trying for the takedown and eventually scores it after the one minute mark. Archuleta manages to get back to his feet, albeit with his back still attached to the cage, and Mix tries to immediately get back the fight down. It does, and Mix tries to extend Archuleta’s leg but the fight returns to standing. Archuleta with a body shot Archuleta left hand is said. Archuleta gets a low kick and a hit for his. Archuleta mixes kicks it and lands a couple of punches. Archuleta overextends and mixes lifts again, taking Archuleta’s back and bringing the fight back down. Mix seeking the rear-naked choke Archuleta battles to him but he can’t get back to his feet. Mix has his legs around Archuleta’s body. They each exchange a shot. Mix and Archuleta now sit together with Mix’s bac to the fence. Mix an ebb to the head by the combination. Archuleta trying to get Mix off him Mix gets into full-mount with five seconds left and lands several shots but apparently no time to get to the end.

FanSided scored a round of mix 10-9.

The second round was Juan Archuleta vs Patchy Mix

Mixed is left hand from mixing. Archuleta sends out front kicks. Archuleta combine a special combination. Mix comes in and grabs up again before tearing the fight down. Mix wraps his legs around Archuleta and he has a reversing guard up and potentially searching for an inverted triangle? Archuleta took hold of Mix’s legs. Each of them has a couple of elbows Archuleta might be searching for some kind of leg lock? Quelques shots by Mix. Mix transitions and Archuleta re-enacts again! Figure four around Archuleta’s body as Mix look for the choke once again. Archuleta is looking to get away but they are sitting up and Mix is in the back and is inside his backpack. Archuleta transitions into Mix’s guard and avoids a triangle attempt. Nice knees by Archuleta with both men seated. The fight returns to the ground when Mix attempts a guillotine that will not turn out. The Transitions and Archuleta get Mix now when he looks for some heavy ground and pound to finish it up! Archuleta ends round two on top, passing blows downwards

FanSided rounds 10-9 Mix, 20-18 Mix overall scored

Round 3: Juan Archuleta vs Patchy Mix

Both men have left hands. Forefoot kick by Archuleta. Corset shot by Archuleta. Mix gets Kicks from Mix, punches from both men Archuleta’s body shots are Knee by mixing. Archuleta misses an uppercut but landes more body shots. Archuleta kicks low. It seems mixing slowed down. Archuleta misses a right hand. Mix misses a forward kick Archuleta misses a right, mix takes the spot, but Archuleta gets him with another bodyshot. Archuleta combining. Archuleta left to the corpse. Mix front kicks back in the front. A gauche hand by Mix. Mix misses a knee Archuleta’s low kick Archuleta One-To-Do. Mix Kick Front kick -! Mix misses a right hand position Both men trade combination matches. Mix answers the front kick with one – two by Archuleta. Mix offers Low Kicks. Mixes are left hand by Mix. Archuleta comes to the body. Archuleta left Left hand and a two-level pair of Archuleta good landing Mix kicks down the front in style. Archuleta misses a large uppercut. Mix failed to add a one-two. Grand right hand gets Mix the attention. Archuleta left hand is Archuleta kicks round the deck. A final round of another combo of Archuleta.

FanSided takes round 10-9 Archuleta, 29-28 Mix.

Round 4 Juan Archuleta vs Patchy Mix – Round 4

Right hand of Archuleta. A couple of more ground up for Archuleta. A couple of others left from Archuleta. Mix comes forward, but does not give much. Archuleta almost land a big right but accompanies it with a successful combo. Mix and Archuleta start an front kick and a bodyshot. It was again combined by Archuleta. Square kick by Archuleta. Archuleta shoots in and scores a takedown, with Mix searching for a Guillotine. Archuleta shakes him off and the fight returns to the feet Archuleta throws a kick to a drained mix that lands on the body, but the referee clocks and admonish Archuleta like he hit the head. Wow! The battle resumes. Mix. Now throw a couple head kicks together. Archuleta’s low kick is Mix missed a leg kick. was shot and a straight up the stairs for Archuleta. Is One-two from Mix? Combination by mixing. Is blocked by Mix and the back kick from Mix Archuleta complains of an eye pinch, but the ref says he did not see it. Mix misses a couple of snags. Combination by Archuleta Another pair of archuleta combinations One last before the end of the round

FanSided took the Round 10-9 Archuleta to 38-38 in total

Round 5 – Juan Archuleta vs Patchy Mix

Archuleta should start with One – Two. Paroxysm by Archuleta. Deflection by Mix is blocked. Comparison again by Archuleta. Again by Archuleta’s combination Archuleta brings him right down to the body and he pours it on. Mix trying to crack up but Archuleta is tailing him, specifically to the body. Two more uppercuts to the body by Archuleta High kick of Archuleta and Mix threw in response to the body. Mix goes to the body. Mix misses a kick and Archuleta lands an uppercut – hook – combo. Arpuleta left hook on the body. A new shot inside. Und again. Straight Mix – Combination by Archuleta What is low kick and a head kick from Mix? Mix clashes with Archuleta, but Archuleta is the one who bring the fight to the wall. Healer mixes of throw shots, but all very weak. Archuleta goes for a takedown but Mix gets the cage to stop it. Mix landings open-handed slaps to the head of Archuleta Elbow by Mix Mix throws a couple of spins but misses. Combination of Archuleta Archuleta knees back to the body.

Fans – Sided scored the 12th round 10-9 Archuleta, 48-47 Archuleta overall

This was Archuleta’s second Bellator title fight in three rounds and was his first ringweight of his natural weight class of Bantamweight. Archuleta challenged Patricio “Pitbull” Freire in September for the Bellator featherweight title as part of the opening round of the Bellator Featherweight Grand Prix and lost a unanimous decision. Archuleta had won this title after his highlight-chance knockout of former Bellator champion Eduardo Dantas and the loss to Freire was Archuleta’s first since a 2015 loss in the World Series of Fighting (now PFL). Archuleta’s latest appearance at Bellator 238 was a night before tonight – where he defeated Henry Corrales unanimously.

This was just Mix’s third battle in Bellator. Mix debuted in a major fashion last year at the Madison Square Garden of New York at Bellator 222 where he played in 66 seconds Ricky Bandejas. He had two more first round submissions between then and this title fight: beating Isaiah Chapman in Bellator 232 with a Suloev stretch and beating Yuki Motoya in RIZIN 20.

The program will be live on Saturday, September 12th, 2020 in Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT. Follow FanSided for all the live news and highlights

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